Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hot, Lovely, and Tasty

The high quality of my weekend just keeps on going!
After a surprisingly enjoyable night last night in the pub which contained dodgy keyboard playing, amazing card tricks and great conversation, today was all about new stuff.

It was again, seriously hot and I was thankful for the breeze generated by me driving with my window open full. I went to Yeovil for a wee bit of retail therapy, and a cappuccino and Blueberry muffin.
Not being a woman, I knew exactly what I was shopping for and finished my shopping in an hour. I was walking through the car park to my car, when I saw a distinctive car that I knew very well. After a quick text, I discovered that this cars owner was also in town, and agreed to meet up for a coffee and a catch up.
It was lovely catching up again as this particular car owner is both fabulous and gorgeous. We had a good laugh and a natter over a coffee ( I had a Latte as I couldn't manage another cappuccino) and then went our separate ways.

I came home and started preparing my sausage casserole which was to be the inaugural meal cooked in my slow cooker. With the sun beating through my kitchen windows I was really hot, but persevered and soon the meal was in the slow cooker. It cooked for four hours, and without wishing to sound boastful it tasted amazing. I have done enough for two meals - today's and tomorrow nights, which is useful because I have Sign Language class tomorrow and won't have time to cook.

As for tonight, I might be going out again, depending on whether I get a call from a mate. I won't be massively disappointed if he doesn't call as my favourite programme is on Tv tonight and I would prefer to watch it rather than record it and watch it later.

But either way, I'm in for a good evening.

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