Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fly Hypercondria......and Not Bad, But Stuck At Twenty.

Question: are Hypercondria, and other such mental quirks solely limited to humans? Do animals get De Ja Vu, or second guess themselves?

I only ask because today I noticed two flies on my window sill at work. One seemed perfectly healthy (in a disgusting, fly type of way) but the other one appeared to be in its death throws. It was on its back, with its legs flailing in the air - the common dying fly act.

I was somehow morbidly mesmerised by the tiny thrashing of the fly, as I waited for it to expire. So imagine my surprise when it suddenly righted itself and carried on as if nothing had happened! A moment ago it looked like a goner, and yet here it was sprightly as a fairy sprite in a bottle of a 7up type carbonated drink.

So was this fly actually dying, or was it just a Hypercondriac? If flies have a language, and if I was able to hear and understand it, would I have heard this:

"Aarggh! Dave! I'm done for! This is it, the end for me - I knew I wasn't feeling right this morning. Oh, I can see my life flashing before my eyes; from egg to maggot, to larva, to pupae, to adult. It's too short a life, but my time has come. Farewe- oh, actually, I feel alright now. Come on. I'm hungry......"

As Dave, his long suffering mate - he just turns a blind eye to it all:

"Alright Lenny? Back from the grave again are you? Thought so....(sigh)"

By the way, I assume that all living creatures have their own names for each other, and I further assume that they use human names. It just sounds better.

So yes, Hypercondria amongst insects.....could happen.....

This is my (approximately) 228th blog, and in total my blog has been viewed over 6200 times. That works out roughly to be 30 page views for every blog - which I think is not too bad. However I am a little sad that I have not been able to get more than 20 followers. There may be more people than that who have subscribed to my blog via e-mail, but in terms of followers, its only 20.

I have read other blogs that have hundreds or even thousands of followers. All of those blogs were beautifully set out, articulated wonderfully, and covered a specific topic, rather than ramble on aimlessly about any old rubbish.

Still, it is a mystery as to why I have so few followers.....

Maybe I'm a niche blog.

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  1. I am mystified too how you can have so many views but not so many followers. I have the same issue with my blogs- I have had a quite a few views but not many followers. Perhaps it is too complicated for people to sign up to follow?