Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Feeling Festive!

Today, I was taken by surprise by a sudden feeling of "looking forward to Christmas". I know, I know, it is far too early to start thinking about the "C" word (even though mince pies and selection boxes are in the shops) - but I was thinking about what I was going to get people this year, and got a warm feeling inside.

In terms of the holiday itself, I hope to finish work a week before. Mind you, I hoped that last year, and didn't get away until midday on Christmas Eve. However, ever the optimist I hope to have enough time to catch up with some lovely people before spending Christmas with my Brother and my Sister at her house.

I have already started my Christmas Shopping and plan to get it all done in plenty of time. This will avoid the need to rush out last minute and end up with a garage forecourt present. A bunch of diesel smelling flowers and a magic tree car air freshener only works once.

I am also drawing up a list of things I would like - not in the expectation of getting them all, but to give my siblings (and anyone else that wants to buy me a present - the list is available on request) as much scope as possible when it comes to choice.

Obviously, if I WAS to get everything on the list, that would be lovely.

Thank you.

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