Monday, 10 October 2011

Feeling Emotional? Count To One Million, and Then Gurn at Someone

Firstly, apologies for the lateness of this post.

Secondly, don't give me no crap about this post being late - I've had a busy evening.

So, tonight was Sign Language class night, and this week the workload and pace was stepped up. Tonight we looked at signs for emotions; Angry, Excited, Scared, Depressed, Cruel, Lazy, and one of the other back up dwarves that never made it into Disney's final filming of "Snow White"
We also started learning to count - from zero to ten; then eleven to twenty; then in tens to a hundred, and so on, right up to one Million.

We then looked at how to ask someone when they were born, and learnt how to tell someone our date of birth. So so far, we have covered spelling, asking someone's name, and replying, asking where someone lives and replying, and now asking how someone feels, and be able to tell how we feel. And on top of all that be able to count to a million, sign dates of birth, and ask when. someone was born.

We were encouraged tonight to test each others ability to "read" us when we sign by changing our name, where we live, and our date of birth. So for a short time, I was Karen from Guatemala, and I was born on 17th August 1643.

Tonight, we also discovered that our exam (when we have to have a four minute conversation with a deaf person) is going to be recorded on Camera. Apparently this is so our tutor can review them and appeal in cases when 1 mistake meant the difference between pass and fail (where appropriate).

So all in all, my head is buzzing. There is so much information that I am trying to process, it really is a headache. I am going to spend the next week practicing facial expressions in front of the bathroom mirror, because expressions are so important in sign language.

Good job I live alone!

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