Friday, 7 October 2011

Eye-earwax Coordination it only me, or does everyone have to look in the mirror when they clean their ears with a cotton bud?

I had a shower after work today, and (as I always do) gave my ears a clean. But why did I have to stand in front of the mirror to do so? Its not like I need to see what I am doing.

Cleaning your ears is one of many physical tasks that you can do without needing to actually see - like scratching the back of your head, putting food in your mouth with your eyes shut, and tightrope walking over a flaming pit of broken glass and rusty nails.

So why do I (and hopefully all you) need to look in the mirror? Do we use a combination of facial expressions and touch to get the maximum amount of ear wax out of our ears?
If we didn't look in the mirror would we waste several minutes blindly stabbing at the sides of our heads with the cotton bud?

In truth, probably not. But it is weird why we (I) do the whole mirror - ear clean thing.

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