Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blue Mat.

I think I'm fairly safe in saying that today was the last half decent day (in terms of temperature) that we will see this year. The weather men said it would reach 18 degrees celcius today, and so I tried to get through as much Washing as I could do. I did all my clothes, and - feeling confident - washed my bathroom mat.

This was a mistake.

Don't get me wrong - my washing machine washed it beautifully, but because of the weight of the mat when wet, my machine couldn't spin at all. So I had to try and dry my bathroom mat from dripping wet on my washing line using the heat of a late October Sun.

To be fair, it gave it a good shot. But when I brought the mat in off the line tonight (after a good 6 hours) it felt damp enough that if I had hands big enough and sufficient strength, I could have wrung it out a bit.
The mat is now sat upon an aired in front of a radiator that isn't on. I am going to see if the warmth of the house during the day will dry it out completely. I am loathe to putting the heating on until I absolutely have to.

I may have to on Wednesday if my mat is not dry, and if I am sick of the smell of wet mat.

Of course the knock on affect of not having my bathroom mat dry is that I will use up more towels when I have a shower, as I will need to stand on one while I dry myself off.
The possibility of me drying everything but my feet whilst in the shower cubicle, and then putting the towel I use down outside for me to step on did cross my mind. However, the combination of my wingspan and the lack of area in my shower would mean that I would only be able to dry myself in 3 inch squares at a time - and that is far too time consuming.

So it will be the two towel method for the next few days.

Such are the trials that are before me......

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