Friday, 23 September 2011

Statement of Intent

For anyone who was ever in any doubt, this is how things are:

I will:

Love unconditionally - if a relationship ends badly (i.e. I get dumped) I will continue to love that person until I find someone else to love. If a relationship ends amicably (i.e. I get dumped, but can understand their reasons) I will continue to love that person, and be there for that person in any capacity they need until such time as they do not need me to be.

I will not:

Look for someone else the moment my relationship ends - for to do so makes a mockery of the relationship I just had. You don't love someone until they hurt you, you go on loving them even if they hurt you until you learn to live with the hurt and move on. If your first thought after a relationship ends is "right, better find me someone else" (and by after a relationship ends I mean within the next few hours or days), then you cannot say that you loved the person you were with. If you can move on that quickly, then you were never in Love.  Love isn't a light switch - you can't just turn it off.

If anything, Love is a dimmer switch - it doesn't go immediately, but gradually fades.

Or a dodgy torch. Same thing.

I will:

Do good things for others without agenda or motive. I will lend my car when I can to anybody that needs it. My door will always be open to anyone in trouble who needs sanctuary or just someone to talk to. I will go through my entire joke repertoire in it's entirety in order to put a smile on the face of those I care about who are upset. I will offer to help little old ladies cross the road, help small people reach things in high places, makes jokes to help pass the time in those depressing doctors waiting rooms. I will at random tell members of my family and friends how lovely and wonderful they are purely on the off chance that at the moment they hear it or read it (posted on facebook), they might need to know it.

I will not:

Get it right 99.999% of the time. I make mistakes, and there are a multitude of more talented, kinder, better looking, and generally better people out there than me. I will be selfish, cruel, arrogant, rude, thoughtless and stupid with more regularity than a man who eats nothing but high fibre, prunes, and laxatives all day.

This is not:

Me saying how great I am.

Me fishing for compliments.

This is:

A statement of intent.

A declaration of the expectations I have of how I should be.

A blueprint for who I am.

Like a DJ with OCD, I just needed to set the record straight. And now I need chocolate.

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