Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Save Your Brain - Re-Decorate!

I have has an epiphany whilst in the bathroom.

And yes, I did wash my hands.

This epiphany - or realisation if you will - came to me a split second after I had realised that I had yet again forgotten to put my eye drops in last night. Brief re-cap: The pressure in my eyes is too high, so I have to put eye drops in every night for about three weeks. My eye drops sit in my bathroom in plain view, and yet I regularly forget to put them in. Every night, before I go to bed I brush my teeth, answer the call of nature, and should put my eye drops in - but I only seem to manage the first two.

So I was thinking of ways to help me remember (other than actually pulling myself together and thinking for a change) to do this task, when it hit me:

Dry-wipe wall paper.

You know you can get those dry-wipe boards for writing memo's on? They have them in offices, and use them in meetings etc. Well why not invent the same thing but as wallpaper? That way, you could write whatever you needed to write on there and then once you no longer need to remember the thing, just wipe it off.

I know we already have notepads and memo boards etc. but these are usually fixed in one place and can be overlooked and missed. If you had dry-wipe wallpaper wherever you needed it, you would never forget a thing. Think if the advantages:

In the kitchen:
  • Write a list of things to remember to buy (you can then take a picture of this list with you camera phone and save having to carry a shopping list with you in the supermarket).
  • Leave details of where a loved ones dinner is (in the fridge / oven / dog) in the event that you are not home when they are.
  • Leave instructions on how to use the cooker / dishwasher / washing machine - useful for training teenagers
In the bathroom:
  • Leave a reminder to take medicine / put the toilet seat down / clean up the urine that missed the toilet and landed around the toilet (useful for boys/men)
In a child's bedroom:
  • Write their school timetable on the wall so every day when they wake up they can see at a glance what lessons they have
  • Write the word "HOMEWORK" in six foot letters across their walls in an attempt to get them to do it earlier than the morning it is due
  • Similar to the above, write the words "DON'T DO THAT - DIRTY BOY" in your son's bedroom in attempt to prevent him going blind/getting hairy palms.
  • Similar to the above, write the words "HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW HIM? IS HE CLEAN? CONDOM??" in your daughter's bedroom in an attempt to avoid becoming a grandmother way too early for your liking.
If you have small children:
  • They can draw pictures and colour them in, aiding their learning process - and you know you know that you can wipe it away if you have visitors coming. Plus they can entertain themselves if you are busy watching telly or having a cigarette.
  • Draw a height chart so that they can see themselves grow
In General:
  • Leave love notes for your other half
  • Leave love notes for your imaginary other half if you are single
  • Draw your family tree
  • Write a story, with each chapter being in a different room.
  • Write a limerick, if you live in a bedsit

The possibilities are almost endless - and you are saving valuable memory space in your brain because you don't have to remember as much stuff.

I think this is the future - it will make us more efficient, and allow us to use our brains for their intended purpose.

Don't ask me what that purpose is, how am I supposed to know when I've got so much stuff to remember?

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