Thursday, 22 September 2011

Oh Kevin - Where Are Your Friends?

Today I saw my first Crane Fly, or "Daddy Long Legs" of the year. Considering that it is almost October, and already noticeably less warm than it was in the Summer (you remember the Summer - that 4 hour period we had between June and July), I find it very odd that up until now I haven't seen any others.
Usually, there are thousands of these little flying bugs to be seen throughout the warm summer......minutes. At night they come into your home, hypnotised by your energy saving light bulbs, and flit around you in a seemingly drunken state, bashing into everything.
But not this year - like I said, the little chap I saw today at work was the first one I had met this year. So where are all his friends? Why are they not around?

Has he been left behind by mistake like the kid in "Home Alone"? Did he have an argument with the other six billion members of his family the night before their big holiday, and get complete forgotten about? Are there several Billion Crane Flies all sat together somewhere nice chatting away together, who are all about the have the same realisation and look up as one and cry "KEVIN!!!" Will Kevin the Crane Fly then have to spend the next few days alone in his nest/hive/hole (delete where necessary) outwitting a pair of burglar insects - a small fat one, and a tall skinny one (a dung beetle and a stick insect perhaps?) - whilst making wise cracks, and looking precocious?

I don't know.

Maybe he was meant to meet up with all his friends but got delayed and missed the rendezvous time? Maybe he got there as fast as he could only to find a note which read:

"Kevin - where were you? we said meet us here at 10am. We waited and waited for you, but you didn't show up so we have had to go without you. We're sorry, but it's not like you didn't know.......good luck with the Winter.

The Gang"

Perhaps Kevin hasn't been abandoned, perhaps he is the only survivor of a Crane Fly massacre that saw every other Crane Fly brutally killed by some sort of Crane Fly eating.....thing.

Here's an even scarier thought: Maybe Kevin killed all the other Crane Flies after eventually snapping mentally following years of being called "Daddy Long Legs" (even though it is just another name and not an insult as Kevin thought).


I just haven't noticed any Crane Flies this year.

Yeah, that must be it.

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