Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I have a notepad by my bed at home, on which I scribble bits and pieces. The top piece of paper has notes for material to be used in a stand up routine, and the rest of the pad is as yet unused. However, whilst absently minded flicking through the blank pages of the rest of the notepad,  I came across one page which wasn't blank. I only had four words on it,  and they were written on the second line down.

old man collecting shells

I'm pretty sure it says "shells" - it is in my handwriting (which is appalling), but that last word could just as easily be "skulls", which changes the entire tone of those four words.

I have no memory of writing those words, but I think my rediscovering them is no accident as I am starting to think about and plan my next story. Already, I have ideas running through my mind....

old man collecting skulls

old man collecting shells

old man


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