Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Lovely Meal and Car Amnesia Sandwich

Today has been a good day, and it's not over yet.

Having awoken this morning a little worse for wear after a great night in the pub last night with Steve and Sam (where we discovered that technology has brought the world purpose bult Jaegerbomb glasses), I had breakfast and nipped out to buy some flowers.

The flowers were for my ex's mother who was cooking me lunch. I was going over there to collect my car which I had lent to her partner Peter a few weeks ago when his car had to be repaired. So I was doing a good deed by giving the flowers as a thank you in response to receiving the meal which in itself was a thank you from them for the good deed I did by lending my car to them - even though they had already said thank you by buying me a slow cooker.

So, I go over there have a lovely meal and a catch up, and then drive home. I had to get some shopping, so instead of driving all the way home, I drove to my local Co-Op which is about 5 minutes walk from home. I do my shopping - and then WALK home. You see, the trouble with lending your car for a long time is that you get so used to being without it that when you do get it back, you forget that you have it. I only remembered that I had the car when I got home, so had to walk back to the Co-Op and drive my car home.


Inferior Mother Theresa - sorry, I mean Nonetheless, I was still in a good mood - so much so that I thought up a  really funny (in my opinion) joke. You can decide for yourself how funny it is:

I was really shocked when my sister told me that her beloved cat had died, and that they were going to bury it in quick drying cement. It still hasn't sunk in......

I think it's genius, I really do.

And I am still in a good mood because I am off out tonight for dinner with two of my favourite People. This is going to be an especially lovely evening because I get to meet the new baby daughter for the first time.

So, I'd better go and have a shave and a shower and make myself presentable.

Hope your day has been as good as mine!

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