Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Find, Laptop, Sausages.

You find me in a good mood. You also find me by standing outside my house and shouting "Oh Laaarrryyy..I've got some chocolate for yooooouuu!!"

But enough about that (I'm home from 5:15pm Monday to Friday, and am at home most weekends by the way).

Actually, scrub all of that. I'm not in a good mood - because my laptop keeps dying on me. It's taken over an hour to type this.

But, it has been glorious today, weather wise, and is going to continue for the rest of the week. On top of this good news is the always welcome news that I get paid on Friday, and you know what that means?

Yup - slow cooker recipes!

When I go shopping this weekend I will be buying the ingredients for my very first home cooked slow cooker meal, and I chosen Sausage Casserole as my first attempt. I haven't had sausage casserole in years - several years in fact - so I am really looking forward to it. My only dilemma is when to cook it: I might actually leave it and cook it on Monday while I am at work. That way, I can have it before I go to Sign Language class. I have been very lucky in that I have been given lots of recipes to try, and have even been given a slow cooker recipe book which I will enjoy looking through and trying. If things work out, I may even start inviting people over for dinner - although I am quite selective (lol!)

And on that note, I'm going to leave you before my computer crashes!!

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