Thursday, 8 September 2011

Eyes, Gears, and ......Slow, Slow, Cook Cook Slow!

So, I went back to the Hospital today for the results of the recent scanning and photographing of my eyes. After much waiting in the waiting room (much more than anticipated), and talking to cheeky little old ladies about how yes, I am, tall and yes, the weather is cold "up there" and the air is thin, I eventually get in to see the doctor. He has another look at my eyes, looks at the photographs of the backs of my eyes, looks back at my eyes, looks at me and says, "look...."
Basically, it's all about the pressure in my eyes. The pressure in my eyes, whilst within "Normal" parameters, is still high, which could lead to Glaucoma - and that's bad. So, for now I have to put eye drops into my eyes (where else?) every night, and then come back for another check in two months. I haven't really learnt more about my 'problem' than I already knew, and I didn't ask any questions about what the scan and photographs of my eyes showed up - if anything. I'll make a note to ask next time.

What I did learn is that some things are pointless. Like asking me to look at an eye chart without my glasses on, when they know that I have bad eyesight, and know that on a previous appointment I took the same test WITH my glasses on. I am very short sighted - my eyesight is so bad that without my glasses on, anything further away than a foot is unreadable. So asking me to read an eye chart twenty feet away from me is a bit of a non starter.

Nurse: Take off your glasses, and cover you left eye. Can you read anything on the chart?
Me: No.
Nurse: Okay, now cover the right eye. Can you read the chart now?
Me: No.

Bear in mind that the top line of an eye chart has one letter on it, and that letter is about half a metre in height. Obviously, I did know what the top three lines of the chart said from memory, because I had read them when my glasses were on. If she wants to waste her time, then I'm not going to stop her.

Because I was having eye drops put in today, I couldn't drive to my appointment. Luckily, I was in credit in my Karma account, and the friend I have lent my car to, offered to take me to my appointment and bring me back. Do good things, and good things will happen to you.
Now my friend is 78 years old, and has been driving for 60 years. All that being said, it's weird being the passenger in your own car. I was watching everything he did, and was thinking "I don't do it like that", but the way he used the gears was the worst.
He took ages to change gear. Quite often he would drive at 35 miles and hour in 2nd gear, with the engine screaming. he got up to 50mph in 3rd gear, and my poor little car really didn't like it. I couldn't say anything, because he was helping me out by giving me a lift - but at the same time I could help but think "what are you doing to my car!!!"

After my appointment, my friend drove me back to his house to have a cup of tea with him and his almost wife, Heather. While I was there, Heather said "we've got a present for you", and walked into the lounge. I followed, and there on the sofa was a brand new Slow Cooker. I have wanted a slow cooker for ages, because they are bloody useful, and I can cook one of my most favourite meals in it - Sausage Casserole. I haven't had Sausage Casserole in years and years, and I absolutely love it. It was very naughty of my friends to buy it for me - they said it was their way of saying thank you for the loan of my car. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: do good things, and good things will happen to you!

So I have a Slow Cooker - and can't wait to use it. It will be perfect for me; I can put it on in the morning when I go to work, and when I come home at night, it will be ready. Just think about all those lovely hot meals I can do for those cold, dark winter nights.....fabulous!

If anyone has a favourite slow cooker meal, or knows of a website where I can get some recipes, please let me know.

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