Monday, 19 September 2011

Depessed Apple.......and The Grill Pan That Time Forgot

I don't know if you can be punished for neglecting fruit - but if you can, I'm for the chop.

In trying to be a little healthy (he typed, as his pizza cooked in the oven) I take fruit with me to work. My fruit of choice is a Banana and an Apple, as I have no imagination when it comes to fruit. If I did, I would feast on Lychee and Kumquat every day instead.
I buy six apples and 10 bananas every week, and have two bananas (one with breakfast and one later in the day) and one apple a day. At least, that is the plan. As it turned out, I ended up last week with no bananas, and only one apple. Every day I packed that apple in with my sachet of cup-a-soup and two slices of crispbread with the full intention of eating it at some point during the day. And every day, when I got home from work and emptied my back pack, there would be the apple staring up at me from the bottom of my back pack, saying "what happened? I thought you were going to eat me?". "I'm sorry", I would reply, and explain how I got called into a meeting, or how a delivery turned up and I completely forgot about having that apple.
This went on every day last week - every morning I would see that apple in the bottom of my back pack, and I would think to myself, 'I'm going to eat that apple today'. And every night, I would find still sitting there, and I would think, 'oh! the apple! I meant to eat that today'.
And I did it again today. The poor little apple is so depressed, that when I promised it tonight that I would definitely eat it tomorrow, it just turned its back on me and said "whatever.....".

Here's a top tip if you have one of those oven with a built in grill: If you are going to turn the oven on to heat it up in preparation of cooking, ensure that the grill pan you used to grill Sausages the day before is taken out and washed beforehand.
It really is quite surprising how black and acrid the smoke from Sausage fat can be.

Tomorrow's tip will be why cheese stays incredibly hot for so long after grilling, and ways to treat blisters on the roof of your mouth.

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