Monday, 29 August 2011


I've just seen an advert for building a model battleship - you know the ones, you collect the pieces weekly or monthly with an informative magazine and then at the end you have a great model of a battleship. Or at least that is what the adverts tell you. The model on the advert I saw was for the HMS Blatent Scam - or it might as well have been, because you never end up getting all the bits you need.
For a start, they break the model up into hundreds of pieces, and if you are collecting them weekly, it will take over two years to get all the pieces. In that time, a child would have outgrown such things. And what if each piece is released monthly? A model containing 167 pieces to collect and build would take almost 14 years to complete - by which time you have grown up and started a family of your own. Or if you are an adult collector, you could be dead, or have Alzheimer's and not remember why you have this pieces in the first place.
And the price - the advert always says "Part One - just 50p", to make us think it is a bargain. What is hard to see (because it is in tiny letters in the corner of the screen) is the mention that the other parts will cost you £17.99. So the whole thing will cost you over £3000! And you can get a darn sight more that an 1/160th scale model of a battelship for that!
The companies that do these things should be honest, and rather than try to sell us a complete replica of a working battleship, just sell us a model of a shipwreck - we never end up getting all the pieces anyway becuase the company doesn't make them all, so why sell something that can never be completed, when you can sell something that isn't complete in the first place, and therefore won't leave the collector disappointed. And for the collector it is much more fun, because they can choose to stop collecting whenever they want, so that their model replica of a shipwreck can look exactly the way they want it to, with maybe different bits missing.

You will all be pleased to know that I will be back on the exercise kick this week. I bought some new trainers at the weekend, and will be resuming my fitness walking, without fear of blisters. And it's a good job too - I weighed myself on Saturday, and found that I am 16st 4lbs , which is a bit more than I thought. And as I will be thinking about looking at suits shortly, I think it would do me no harm to lose a few pounds so that I feel and look better.

Of course, tonight is not this week (in my book) so I will be having some chocolate while I watch a Blu-Ray DVD to round off my Bank Holiday weekend.

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