Saturday, 20 August 2011


This is going to be a brief post, as I am off out in a bit to Sturminster Carnival.

Thanks for reading.

I'm joking of course - not about going out, I am really am going out (even though I have got no cash).  So to get straight to the point - I have realised there is a flaw in my plan to do another Stand up Gig at Last Monday at The Exchange: The next "Last Monday" is on Monday 26th September - which is the night my first Sign Language Class is. And as my class runs every Monday for 25 weeks, I won't be able to make the open mic night at "Last Monday" until approximately April 2012.

At least I'll have time to practice.

So I'm off out tonight - but what do I wear? At present I am as naked as the day I was born. Just keep that image in your head for a moment - me sitting here, naked on the edge of my sofa, those bits that dangle, dangling nicely as my feverish typing causes movement to ripple around my body.

Sorry about that - I'm not sitting here naked, I'm wearing blue jeans, a polo shirt under a gray v-neck jumper. I am feeling a little hot - but am conscious of the drop in temperature as the night goes on. So do I forget the jumper and risk feeling cold later? or do I suffer the sweating now, in the knowledge that I'll be warm when it is cold outside?. I suppose I could take the jumper off for now and put it on later. Maybe I could sling it over my back and tie the arms in a know around my neck? If I do that, I might as well hang a sign round my neck that says "Twat - please punch me".

I'll sort it out. I've been invited out by friends, and rumour has it that another friend of theirs is coming along - and that this friend is both female and single.

I have trimmed my nose hair - just in case.......

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