Friday, 12 August 2011

Not Good.

"Oh yes, they love children........"
I've not been a happy bunny today. In fact, I've been so pissed off with everything that if I was the Easter Bunny, the eggs I would bring would be putrid and rotten. Oh yes, if there ever is an angry Easter Bunny, it's me.

Yet again, the best laid plans at work went down the pan big style.

I was going to tell you the whole sorry tale - but I won't bore you with it. Let me just say that in my opinion, we have not started our relationship with a brand new customer in a very good way. I think that we will look like idiots, and I hate the fact that the preferred option always seems to be to lie to the customer, rather than be honest.

I didn't enjoy my job today. Not one little bit.

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