Friday, 26 August 2011

Jekyll & Hyde Days

"What a difference a day makes - twenty four little hours......"

Whoever wrote those lyrics, knew what he (or she) was talking about. Before I go on, let me apologise for yesterday. I really was feeling sorry for myself, and it showed in my blog. As it turns out, the reason I was feeling so crappy was a lack of sleep, combined with a lack of money and a decent amount of food inside me. And by inside me, I mean my stomach - don't start getting inappropriate here people.

Today, however I am back to my usual self. I'll let you decide whether that is a good thing or not. I woke up this morning at 7am still tired, but in a better mood. I actually went to bed at Midnight last night, which might not have seemed the brightest idea considering having got up at 5am yesterday morning I would have been awake for 19 hours. However, there was a method to my madness as I was so knackered that I fell asleep straight off. No troubled sleep for me last night! Of course, I'm not advocating the benefits of a 19 hour day - that was a one off. I certainly hope it was.

So I started the day in a better mood. Work was quiet - from 10:30am onwards, I was the only one in the office. I had been paid though, so I did some juggling with money in accounts via online banking, and basically allocated all the money I needed for my bills, put money aside for food shopping for the month, set aside the money I needed to finish paying for my Sign Language course, and at the end of it all knew exactly how much money I had left for socialising and fun stuff.
Being a Friday, and being the only one in the office, I finished work at 2:45pm. I had been sent a text by a friend, asking if I could pick her up from work at 5:30, and I decided that I would go and do my food shopping, and then swing past and pick her up on the way back.

Usually I budget about £40 per week for shopping - which includes, cleaning products, toiletries and food for the week. This month, I have it set at £34 per week, but I knew that being the first week of the month, and also knowing that my kitchen looked like Old Mother Hubbard's show home, I would have to spend more. So I took out £50 for this weeks shopping - which still leaves me with £30 a week for the next four weeks (It's a 5 week month this month). So off I go to Tesco and do my shopping. This might just be me, but even though my shopping list has specific items on it, and I never deviate from it (if it ain't on it, I ain't buying it) I still have  to walk up every single aisle in the store. To not do that, just feels wrong.
I had a really good shop (that sounds so sad ha ha ha!) - I was keeping a running tally in my head of what it would all come to, and was picking up some good bargains like 1.5ltr washing liquids buy one get one free. When I got to the checkout, I thought it came to about £45. Turns out it was £52.50 - but I had £2.50 in my pocket (that's not all I gave - they got the £50 too), and the fact that I had spent over £50 meant I got a 5p off a litre of petrol voucher too. I was going to fill up next anyway, so that was a result.
I was in a good mood. As I loaded my shopping into the car, there was a young couple loading their shopping into their car at the same time. Being a lovely bloke, I offered to take their trolley back for them with mine. It's a small tiny insignificant thing to do, but it was a nice thing to do, it cost me nothing, and I got a good feeling from it. What I didn't realise is that while I was taking the trolleys back, they were nicking my shopping out of my boot!

That's a lie - I just put that in for dramatic effect.

With my shopping intact, I went to the petrol station and filled up. I went to the Kiosk to pay, and picked up some screen wash and a new car air freshener. That was two more things ticked off my "to do" list. I was in a real "doing" mood. However, In my excitement I forgot to hand over the 5p off voucher. I didn't realise until I got back to the car. I wasn't angry, or annoyed - I was in far too much of a good mood for that - but what I did do was give my voucher to the young lady who was filling her car up at the pump opposite. I was on fire! metaphorically speaking of course, there wasn't a rogue spark that suddenly ignited the petrol station.

Shopping and petrol sorted, I picked up my friend from work. On the way home, she asked if we could make small detour to a local shop. I said of course - and in return she bought me a 230g bar of Cadburys Whole Nut. Remember my blog about short term instant Karma exchange? Another example there. I dropped my friend at home, and had a coffee and a catch up with the Best Dogs in The World. If you don't know who they are (and you must do by now) here they are:

Herbie (left) and Joey

As you can see, these dogs are another reason I am in such a good mood. After far too brief a visit, I came home. I was now hungry, and as I had got paid today decided to spoil myself with a takeaway. But what to have? I live next door to an Indian takeaway, there is a Pizza and Kebab place opposite, a fish and chip shop 100 yards down the road, and a Chinese takeaway in the town, 5 minutes away. In the end, I went for Pizza - washed down with a couple of Budweisers, which I got 10 for £7 for in my local Co-op.

And that brings us up to speed. I'm just finishing off today's blog and then will be settling down to watch "Inception" (and then go "Huh? I need to watch that again). I'm still in a "doing" mood, so tomorrow will be blitzing the housework including washing the windows, clearing the guttering, and tidying the garden. On Sunday I will pop over to Yeovil for a bit of retail therapy - I'm buying trainers so I can re-start my fitness walking, but without the blisters - before coming home to watch the Man Utd vs Arsenal game on Sky.

As for Monday - as yet unknown. But I'm open to offers........

Whatever you do, have a lovely weekend!

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