Monday, 15 August 2011

It's Like a Lucky Dip - But With No Rubbish Prizes

I believe in Karma. I also believe in Miracles - where are you from? you sexy thing you.

Sorry - the moment I thought about typing "I believe in Karma", the words to 'You Sexy Thing' by Hot Chocolate, popped into my head. And now I've got the lyrics to 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' by The Darkness, running through my brain.

10 points to you if you started singing the lyrics to either of those songs - 20 points if you sang them out loud.

Where was I? oh yes - Karma. I believe in Karma - the idea that if you do something good, something good will happen to you. Similarly, if you do something bad, you open yourself up to misfortune. Now, my general thinking on Karma -  and this is just my opinion, so don't get the Karma police on my back (although, technically whenever the Karma police do turn up, the first thing they say is "Well, you sort of knew we'd be coming") - is that the receipt of good Karma or bad Karma is A) Not necessarily instant, and B) not equivalent to the size of the good or bad thing you did to warrant it. Basically if you do a good thing, the good thing that happens to you may not happen for a day, a week, a month, or even a year - but it will happen. Also, if you help an old lady cross the road it doesn't mean that someone will help you across the road - it could mean that you will win £10 on the lottery that week instead. It's not reflective (if that is the right word?).

However, I am now of the opinion that there is a short term direct Karma exchange system. I believe that in some instances, the good deed you do will be rewarded within a short space of time - based on my own experiences, within 30 to 60 minutes. In recent months, my experiences have been as follows:

  •  One Bunch of Flowers bought for no reason for an elderly friend is equal to a smile and a brief period of flirting with an attractive woman who was washing her car.
  • One gift of an unused, unopened Microsoft Web Cam is equal to a gift of a jar of home-made Runner Bean Chutney.

Now I know that these are only two examples, but that is how it is with Karma - if you are good all the time, you don't get the rewards all the time. You do get them - but most of them will come long after you have forgotten the good thing you did. The two examples above both happened within 60 minutes of the good thing being done, but these occurrences are rare. Getting a smile from a woman and flirting with her are certainly rare occurrences for me!

So I amend my thinking on Karma - or rather add to my thoughts on the matter. More often than not, the good thing that happens to you will happen long after the original good thing you did - but sometimes, you will get a little something quite soon after.
I am also sure that the same rules apply to Bad Karma - but perhaps we just put that down to 'Bad Luck' - rather than think about the bad we do to each other.

I know too that I have bad karma waiting for me down the line somewhere, and that I can't avoid it. What I can do is try to soften the blow by doing good things when I can in the hope that I get good Karma right after the bad Karma gets me.

Oh - but if I do that, am I really doing bad things still? because my intentions will be selfish...............

No - I won't be, because I will have forgotten that I wrote this blog by tomorrow, so my selfish intentions won't exist.

And relax.......

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