Sunday, 7 August 2011

To Do:

I have a list in my head of things I would like to do at some point. It's not quite a "Bucket List" - as I am not yet anywhere near ready to even comprehend the possibility of dying. Secretly (and now publicly) I hope that by the time my time is up, advancements in medical science will have been made that I can expire when and how I choose.

So at the moment, this list is a simple wish list. And here are some of the items on that list:

1) Live somewhere remote in Scotland. I love Scotland - especially the Highlands and Islands - and would love to live there, but live somewhere remote, away from other people. I don't know why, but the quiet and peacefulness that I have experienced on my visits to the Highlands has really spoken to me. Of course, I would still want my luxuries - broadband, Sky TV etc. but to be away from everyone else would suit me fine.

2) Visit Easter Island. Easter Island lies 2,180 miles West of Chile, and has an area of 63 square miles. It is famous for the 887 "Head" statues that litter it. I've always been fascinated by these statues, and their history (of which I know nothing), and would love to see them first hand. I think it is also the remote location of Easter Island that I like. Is there a pattern forming here?

3) See a World Cup football match in a Stadium. It's a miserable thought, but I will probably only live to see another 10 World Cups. And just once (or more than once if chance allows) I would like to experience a World Cup match live in a Stadium. Just to experience the atmosphere, the noise of the crowd - because it is a totally different experience watching a football game at a stadium or ground, than it is watching it on TV.

4) Go Whale Watching. I have always had a interest in Whales - the life size model of a Blue Whale at the Natural History Museum in London is an incredible sight, and I think that Whale song is one of the most beautiful sounds on this earth. It it the Humpback whale that sings, and I would just love to see them in the ocean in their natural habitat. Of course, time is running out because whaling still goes on so these wonderful animals may not be around for too long.

These things above are some of the things on my wish list. I believe that all of them are tied to me having more money that I currently do - but I am taking steps to increase the money I earn, and to manage the money I have better.

I don't know if I will get to do one, some, or all of these - but I hope I do.

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  1. A lovely wish list Larry! To live somewhere as beautiful as Scotland away from people but to still have the comforts of modern day technology also goes in my wish list =) Hey btw why would you be a stray dog with a limp? :)