Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Eyes have It........Actually, I hope They Don't.

So today was D-day for me - or should I say E-day because today was the day I had my eyes scanned and photographed. I won't bore you with the whole history of how I got there, instead let me just say they are checking for possible early signs of Glaucoma.

I found it a little ironic, as I sat in the waiting area, that there were so many magazines left for people to read. In fact that might even be considered a little cruel. After all, it is a clinic for the treatment of disorders affecting the eye. That's like leaving roller skates and juggling balls in an Amputee ward. It would have been much better if they had made personal CD players with Audio books available.

My appointment was at 9:45, and thankfully there was only one other person in the waiting area. Sadly, all this man wanted to do was complain about the staff and how "if the NHS was run like a private business, they would all be sacked" - this was after he observed a doctor finishing with a patient, and then take a minute to clear away that patients paperwork before calling the next patient. Typically, when this man was called (by the same doctor) he was a nice as pie.

Soon enough it was my turn. There was a nurse who was going to do the scans and the photographs. Apparently she was learning how to do them - presumably with a view to advancement/promotion. The other reason of course, could just have been that the doctor couldn't be bothered. He did look that type to be honest.
The scans went fine - except for the moment just before they took the scan, when the nurse said to me "now keep your eye still". That was it - the moment I heard those words my eyes started moving. I was trying really hard to keep them still, but they kept moving the little buggers! You know what it is like - the moment someone tells you not to do something like that, or not to think about something, you start to do it. I managed to get my eyes under control, and got them scanned and photographed.

I was given eye drops to dilate my pupils before the photograph was taken, so that the camera could see as much of the backs of my eyes as possible. They told me that the eye drops would make my eyes water and sting a little - the sensation was just like the one you get when chopping onions, or squirting lemon juice in your eye - but they didn't tell me just how much they would affect my vision. Now I am very short sighted - without my glasses I struggle to read anything further away than a foot - by these eye drops made my eyesight worse while I was still wearing my glasses!!!And what was even stranger was that my eyesight was slightly better when I took off my glasses The whole experience was really weird - usually it takes 7 or 8 pints to have that affect on me.

Alright - 2 or 3 pints.

Okay......1 pint.

I get the results next week. I'm not worried, because worrying won't do anything - I'm not in any pain, and cannot see any change for the worse in my sight. Of course I hope that I get the all clear, and for that reason will be keeping my fingers - and eyes - crossed.

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