Monday, 8 August 2011


Yet again, I am struggling for ideas as to what to put in my blog. I am also very aware that it is becoming increasingly less enjoyable to read. Well I assume it is - you all might be out there happily devouring every stupid word I write, for all I know. I know that it is becoming harder to write.

The problem is, at the moment, nothing interesting or funny is happening to me. There's lots going on - like the fact that at work we are having to rectify some 24,000 candles that were delivered in such a poor state of labelling, that you would have thought that Stevie Wonder had done it. And when we contact China (not randomly - that is where we get them from) to find out why this has happened, the reason we are given is that the Factory manager was away from the factory because his wife was in Hospital. And this is the reason why thousands of candles weren't labelled properly??? What, the workers were so distressed at the personal problems of their manager, that they couldn't concentrate enough to label correctly? or was it that the moment the manager left the factory, all the workers started messing around like naughty children? Obviously we are seeking some form of compensation, and are getting replacement candles made and shipped. But oh, it makes us mad...........

Or I could tell you how I ordered a t-shirt for myself with a picture of one of the Best Dogs In The World on (one of those photo t-shirts you can get), only to go and collect it today and find that instead of ordering an extra large, I ordered a small by mistake. What is even more pathetic is the fact that I still tried it on when I got home - just on the off chance that me in a really really tight t-shirt with my spare tire bulging at the bottom, might actually be a good look for me. It wasn't.

Or I could tell you how I think I might have over booked myself for the coming Bank Holiday weekend, by planning a Barbecue, inviting my best mate to visit, and promising to catch up with my sister and her family when they pass my way. I don't know how I am going to cover all this, but my options are: A) Best mate comes to visit on Friday, he accompanies me to the catch up with my sister on the Saturday, and then meets my mates at the Barbecue on Sunday, OR B) Mate comes down on Friday, I leave him to host the barbecue (with my mates) on Saturday while I see my Sister, and then I spend all day Sunday apologising, OR C) Mate comes down Friday, him, me, and my mates all go and see my Sister on Saturday, then I have a barbecue by myself on Sunday.
OR F) find out what happened to D) and E).

But like I said, not a lot is going on. Apart from me writing some new stand up material. Oh, and having a surprise visit from Stan and Rosie tonight - which was very very lovely. Oooh  I have also decided on names for my dog(s) when I get them.

Like I said, not a lot happening.


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