Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bed, Batons, Bangers, Budget, and Biting My Lip

I had a small disconcerting moment this morning when I woke up. It wasn't the slight hangover caused by the previous night's socialising, nor the fact that for the first ten seconds of being awake I was convinced it was Monday morning and I was late for work. The thing that caused me slight concern is the small metal bolt that I found down the side of my mattress. I recognised the bolt instantly as being one of the may bolts used to hold my bed frame together, and the combination of my imagination and my linear thought processes started to cause me alarm.
I realised that part of my bed was now no longer held together. I didn't know exactly what part of the bed, or if the bolt I had discovered was not alone in its non-bolting status. Although totally unnecessary, I froze where I was sat up in bed - as if I had woken up lying in a minefield. In my mind, the slightest movement could result in the collapse of my bed, and possible injury to myself. This feeling didn't last, as I reminded myself that the bed is designed to sit really low to the ground, with less that an inch clearance - so I didn't have far to fall. I got out of bed without incident, and started my day. At present I am halfway through changing the bed linen - the old bed linen is off, and the new is waiting to go on - and will use this time to check my bed for constructional weak points. I had better check it tonight, as I am prone to procrastination and could quite easily not bother to check it until one night the whole thing collapses in a heap with me mangled in the wreckage.

So last night was Sturminster Carnival, and they have a procession of floats etc. It was all very good, but I have to say that I have never seen so many Majorette groups in such a short space of time. Virtually every other thing was a Majorette group, all twirling their batons, and dancing to some pop tune that somebody thought would be good to use. And though I saw the Majorette groups as they went by, I wasn't actually looking as it felt wrong looking at young children in leotards. I think the minimum age for Majorettes should be 18, and the maximum size should be a 12. There were quite a few large Majorettes squeezed in to costumes that they shouldn't really be wearing.

As you know I like to experiment a little in the kitchen. I don't mean I try to wash my clothes in the oven, or keep my cold foods in the washing machine. I mean in terms of food. Now I only do small experiments - mainly because I have to eat it, but also because I'm not a very good cook. So tonight I was having Sausages, potatoes and veg, and all I did was take the sausages, drizzles a little oil on them, and then roll them in Parsley, Oregano, and mixed herbs before cooking them under the grill.  To be honest, they turned out alright - but I won't bookmark that idea in my brain for later use. I've tried it, it works to a degree. Now move on.

So back to work tomorrow - but I get paid on Friday, Woo Hoo! I must say that I am a little proud of myself, because this month I have managed to break a cycle. No, I didn't smash up the bike belonging to the annoying little kid across the street (although it's coming, you cheeky little git!) - I mean I have stopped a bad financial habit of mine. For the past few months I have got into the habit of running out of money by about the 2nd week, and taking out a small overdraft to see me through until payday. As soon as I get paid, I pay off the overdraft - but this leaves me with less money, so and I run out again. However, this month I haven't taken out an overdraft. As I type this, I literally have no money to my name, and just enough food to have meals every night until payday. It has been tough, but now that I have broken the cycle I know I can do it from now on. And as part of my budgeting this month, I had to pay my deposit for my Sign Language course. I pay the rest of the course cost (£175) when I get paid next, but have factored that in to my calculations when working out what I have to pay for and what money I will have left for me. So it is all good.

One last thing: There was some unpleasantness at Sturminster Carnival last night. This drunk bloke started mouthing off at my friends, and then a little later on said something very nasty to me about my mum. I didn't respond to him, and later he got escorted away by the police. I feel guilty for not saying anything to him when he insulted mum. I know he was just looking for trouble - he was not as tall as me, but he was big built and if it had kicked off, I would have come off the worst. I did the right thing by not getting involved - but on the flip side resent the fact that I let this guy say something horrible to me.

I know he wasn't worth it, but I'm angry for letting it happen. I just needed to get that off my chest.

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