Saturday, 30 July 2011

People - Ugh!

Firstly, as a side note - don't you just love it when you open a rucksack, and find some Peanut M&M's in the bottom?

I very nearly went out tonight with out doing my blog - what was I thinking!? Fear not - I'm here, but I must be quick. So let me get to the point:

This is Milton Abbas, in Dorset. It is a famous and Beautiful village, which usually looks like it does in this picture. Very rural, serene, and peaceful. However, once every two years the good people of Milton Abbas open their doors (metaphorically speaking) to the world by holding a street fair. I have friends who live nearby who were going to be marshaling one of the entry gates today, and suggested I come along and check out this famous Street Fair. As they could get me in for free (saving me £6), I agreed.

At 2pm I drove to Milton Abbas, parked my car in a big field with lots of other cars and walked to the Street Fair. This is what I found:

There were people everywhere!! And they were all moving soooo slowly, with no apparent idea of where they were heading. There were various stalls lining the sides of the street, and it appeared to me that the slow moving horde around me, were happy to take an interest in the wares on offer simply be shuffling past, rather than actually walking over to a stall and taking a better look.

Oh Goody - MORE PEOPLE!!!
Within about 3 seconds of encountering this mindless swarm of humanity, I was ready to kill. People were walking so slowly, and then would every now and then change direction without warning. No-one said "excuse me", or "pardon me" they just barged past on their pointless quest of nothingness. Combined with this, some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to sell those Character helium balloons, so there were several children ambling through the throng with Winnie the Pooh, or Nemo floating above them. Of course, them being small children and me being 6ft 6' meant that I kept getting hit in the face by those wretched balloons. If I felt pooh touch my cheek once, it felt it a dozen times. Pun intended.

Pretty soon I had had enough, so I started to fight my way back to the entrance and freedom. However, I was distracted by a stall selling Hog Roast, which is very nice usually. I joined the queue in anticipation. However, anticipation soon turned to disgust as upon nearing the front of the queue I heard the large lady serving behind the counter say
"of course, two years ago they were giving out uncooked meat with blood coming out of it".

As you will understand, I made my excuses and left.

I must say that I really don't like crowds. Maybe it's the fact that I now live in a rural location with a smaller population, or it could just be the fact that people are awful in large numbers, and I don't like them.

Thankfully, I'm about to go out to a local Beer Festival and spend some quality time with some great people. I'm sleeping on a friends floor, so I can have a proper drink. Hooray!!

I'll fill you all in tomorrow on the fun I have tonight, and might even take some pictures!!

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