Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Just One Of Billions Of Rubber Bands? - But I'm My Own Rubber Band!

I have a theory about life, existence, and fate.

Life, The Universe, and Everything.
Above is a picture of a rubber band ball. You see how the rubber bands that make that ball cross and intersect one another in a thousand different ways? Now take that thought and multiply it by time, space, and infinity.

This is how I see it: All of us are on a path - our single rubber band that is a tiny part of the whole ball. Every day we make decisions - some consciously, some subconsciously. Some decisions are forced upon us by the actions of others, others we make based on our own perception of the actions of others. Many decisions are made irrationally, based on emotion - but every decision we make changes the direction of our existence. Where our rubber band intersects with another, is a direction change.
For example, let's look at one part of existence - relationships and love. It has been said that "There is someone for everyone". If you believe that, then you would agree that potentially two people, each on their own course (rubber band) in life, will ultimately intersect and meet. No matter what decisions either one makes, they are over time directed towards each other. It is fate, that brings them together. But what if you don't believe in fate? what if you believe in chance? What if you believe that if you leave your house and turn left instead of right, that you might miss the person of your dreams - or might meet them. Of if you leave home 5 minutes later than normal one day, miss your train and have to get the bus to work, who says that the love of your life might be sitting in the seat next to you on that journey into work.

I don't know if I believe in fate or not. At times I think that things happen for a reason - for example, the year my father died, I met one of the people I have ever felt closest too, and she was a massive influence on my life for the next five years. Our lives have taken us separate ways now, but we still keep in touch sporadically - but I think my meeting her was a kind of way of balancing out my life after the loss of my Father. Of course she didn't replace him - no-one could - but I had a loss, and then I had a gain, and although I can't explain it, that 'balancing' didn't happen to me by chance. That being said, I do like the concept that every decision we make from the grandest down to the seemingly insignificant, alters our existence.

If that is a little hard to understand, let me try and explain in a different way.

What if the physical world you know only exists as far as you can see or feel? What I mean is, if you are sat at home right now - like I am - and you can only see out of one window into your garden, what if there was nothing else? no street outside, no buildings, no people, no cars, no sky - nothing. Just a empty void - like on a blank piece of paper. Yes you can hear noises from the outside world - traffic, dogs barking, people talking etc. but how do you know they really exist?  There is a joke that the Queen thinks the entire world smells of paint, because everywhere she goes there is a team of people twenty feet ahead of her painting walls and making things look nice. What if the same applies to the world we perceive? What if the world we cannot see and interact with changes with every decision we make a split second before we can see it and interact with it? When you are walking down the street, or driving in your car, the world you perceive is being created around you as far as your vision and other senses allow - and the decisions you make, no matter how small alter how that world is created around you. If you stop in the street to tie your shoelace,  the young couple you would have walked into round the corner had you kept going, will now never be created, because you changed something. This is going a bit "Matrix" I know, but bear with me. There is another saying "you can't see the back of your head, but you know it is there" -  but how do you know? What if it is created the millisecond you start to reach round to feel it?

I'm not sure what I am trying to say, really. I guess from my own point of view, you can never tell where life will take you - or rather, where you will take you. I'm sure that some decisions I have made have taken me further away from happiness, just as others have changed my direction and brought me closer to happiness.

Well, I've sort of got an idea of the point I am trying to make. Don't see yourself as just one person on a planet of over six billion people - that's a concept that is too large to handle. Consider your world to be limited to what you can see, smell, hear, feel and taste - but know that YOU have the power to change your world, not some imaginary force called fate. We share our world with others that come into it - our partners, our parents, our siblings, our children, our friends. But they are all on their own journey too, and many leave our world and enter it through the course of our journey. Our lives and the lives of those around us intersect, and run parallel for a while, and then separate again - maybe temporarily, or for good. But we are in control - even though it may not feel like it.

scooch over. Deliberately put on an odd pair of socks. Leave for work five minutes later than usual.  Just do something a little differently - who knows what will happen?

I haven't been able to explain myself properly - I can't convey what I want to say. So let me sum it all up like this:

They say "Life is What You Make It".

So make it!!!

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  1. Fantastic post Larry. So articulately expressed. Love it xx