Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Hooray!!!! I'm celebrating!! Nothing major - just one insignificant thing, and a slightly less insignificant achievement.

Firstly, I have finalised my account details for Adsense, so I can start getting paid. For those of you who don't know what Adsense is, let me explain:
You will notice that to the right of my blog is a vertical bar with a few adverts on it. Every time someone looks at my blog and just clicks on one of those adverts, I get a tiny amount of money - pence really. You see the advertisers pay Google to show those ads, and Google pay me for having them on my blog. These Ads are clever - they (should) show Ads based on keywords in my blog - for example if you look at my recent blog titled "Backpack, Weekend, Chocolate???" You will notice that at least on of the ads on that blog page is for Backpacks. Smart eh?
Now I get paid just for someone clicking on an Ad - they don't have to buy anything, and can immediately close the page that they are taken too - so the person clicking on the ad isn't giving me any money, and doesn't have to pay anyone. It's the advertisers and Google who pay.
So I have set it up that the little money I earn goes straight into a savings account so that one day I might be able to stop living a penniless existence - but that depends on you out there. I'm not allowed to click on my own Ads (for obvious reasons), so I need you guys to do it for me. So do me a favour - every time you read my blog, just click on one Ad - and then close the page you are taken to. It won't cost you a penny, I promise.

But earning money from my blog is unimportant compared to my other achievement. I have just completed my online British Sign Language (BSL) introduction course! There were seven modules, covering basic fingerspelling, numbers, colours,  greetings, describing people, places, money, time, jobs, hobbies, and food and drink - amongst others!
Now that I have passed this course (got 100%), I can go back over it and memorise all the individual phrases and words that I learnt. I have access to the course for one year and as I only started it in February, I've still got seven months use of it.
I'm going to take a college course in September, which will cover the same topics I understand. It may sound silly doing things I already know, but this time I will be signing with other people in a class, not just by myself in front of a computer screen. I think it will really help me learn.
Until the course starts in September, I am going to sort out possibly visiting some local deaf clubs and try using my sign language on real people - again, to improve my technique.
The online course wasn't difficult to do - I'm sure anyone could do it - but it is the first step in a longer journey. I'm really looking forward to the next steps!

If anyone is interested in finding out more about learning sign language, you can go to the website I went to by clicking here .

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