Monday, 11 July 2011

Feeling The Burn

As I type this, my feet are warm and tingly, my calves are tight and painful, my right hip is aching, and my brain is telling me that I don't have enough energy reserves left to manipulate the muscles in my hands and arms which enable my finger to type this blog.

And the reason for this physical exhaustion? My decision to walk almost 7 miles in an hour and a half after work tonight.

You see, I'm on a bit of an exercise kick. This has been brought on by me realising that for a long time now my evenings and weekends have been filled with long periods of inactivity, plus the fact that my clothes are becoming filled with a fatter, slobbier version of myself. And as I'm pretty sure most Women don't go for the "Comic Book Guy" look (from the Simpsons - see below), I thought getting in shape might help me in my search for love.
You want me......don't you.....

But tonight is not the first time I have peeled my lardy frame off the sofa - oh no! I have been doing little bits for a few weeks now. It's not much - just press ups and crunches on alternate days. I have two apps on my phone - one for press ups and one for crunches - which are  helping me work towards a specific goal. In this instance I am hoping to eventually be able to do 100 press ups continuously, and similarly do 200 crunches continuously. In addition to this, I try to do a "plank" for 75 seconds every hour while I am at work, on the days that I do my press ups, and I lift 25kg drums of oil in 1 set of 10 every hour at work on the days that I do my crunches. And then yesterday I went for a brisk walk to a local Railway Project, and found that I got from home to the Railway Project and back in an hour and a half. I found it was a good workout, and so decided to do it again tonight. It has really taken it out of me though, so I won't be doing this every night.

Although I did pass in both directions a nice young lady out jogging - so maybe I should go out again tomorrow just in case she is out there again......

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