Sunday, 10 July 2011

Email, Bed.

So I'm back, after 17 days of serialising my story "Nonsense Tale". I hope you will forgive me - I know it was a easy way for me to get out of writing for a while, but I did also want to share my story with you all.

Whether you wanted the read my story or not, never entered my thoughts.

Now you would have thought that I would have used the time where I didn't have to think about what to write to actually think of what to write for when I had to start writing my blog again. However, as with many ideas in my life, that notion was filed under 'nice ideas that will never see the light of day'. Subsequently, I find myself at my laptop with a page as blank as my thought process.

Well, not entirely blank - there is one small scribble in the corner of my mind:

E-mail signatures - They don't always fit in with the tone of the e-mail, do they? Generally, most email signatures are fairly standard. My email signature is:

Larry Lagrue
Production and Planning Administrator
S&N Home products

Nothing too difficult about that. However, I have received emails from people whose email signature includes phrases like "Kindest Regards", or "Yours with thanks", and I realised that in certain situations, such a signature just isn't appropriate. I guess what I mean is, is that if you are writing an email of complaint to someone, and throughout the email you use tone and words that emphasise your displeasure or unhappiness, then having an email signature that says "Yours with thanks" will negate to a large degree the tone of dissatisfaction that you are trying to get across - especially if you really want to say "sort it out you useless bunch of idiots".

A possible solution to this would be to have a number of different email signatures saved - each with a different tone. However, this would not only be time consuming but would also be inpractical (inpractical? or unpractical? or is it impractical? I'm not sure.) as by the time you have looked through the available options and selected the signature that most fits with what you are going to say, you will have most likely forgotten what you wanted to say.
What I think is a much better idea is to have a programme written in to your email software that recognise certain words in your email and therefore detects the type of email you are writing and automatically chooses an appropriate email signature for you. Of course there would still be an element of control, where you can amend the chosen signature if you need.
Plus you could choose to turn the feature off. Should you ever be in a situation where you are emailing your partner and telling him/her how much you are looking forward seeing them that evening and spending time with them, having your computer choose the email signature "Yours, in erotic hotness" might have a detrimental affect later on that day.

It's just a thought.

It's Sunday night, and you know what that means: Clean Bedding!! Yes, on Sunday I change the bedding on my bed, so that it is nice a clean for the week ahead. At this point I must say that I haven't changed the bedding yet, but will do after dinner.

Or so I tell myself.

Too often I do half a job; I take off the old bedding, and put it in the laundry basket. Then, for some unknown reason, every time I am about to take out the new bedding and put it on, something happens to not only distract me from putting on the new bedding, but also makes me forget about doing it. Too many times I have wearily walked upstairs late at night, looking forward to the feel and the smell of the soft, clean bedding - only to find my unmade bed lying there laughing at me. And having to then make your bed late at night when you should be in it, is not an enjoyable experience. On many occasions, I have been sorely tempted to just wrap myself in my duvet cover and throw myself on the bed.

So tonight, I must break the spell and complete the whole task.

Or maybe tomorrow night.

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