Friday, 15 July 2011

Backpack, Weekend, Chocolate?

Here is today's tip of the day: Never wear your backpack walking through the streets when the Schools finish for the day.

I did this today, suddenly became very aware that I looked like giant school kid walking home from school amongst all the little kids. I'm sure some of the mothers were whispering to each other, asking how old I was, and wasn't I a big lad for my age. Some of them probably thought I was older than the rest of the children - but had been kept back because I was a little 'slow'.

It probably wasn't that bad - although I'm fairly sure that my Spider Man lunch box wasn't helping my appearance.

So another weekend is here - and yet again I have no plans. Well no fun plans, anyway. My humble abode is in need of a good clean, I'm doing a couple of good deeds tomorrow in the form of a taxi service - and that's not a funeral for a mini cab - but apart from that, have nothing in the diary. The weather is meant to be a bit hit and miss, but I'll see how it pans out and adjust my activities accordingly.

The only question now I go out and get myself a bar of chocolate to enjoy with the bottle of wine I have here, while I watch a movie tonight?

I think we all know the answer  to that one, don't we?

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