Friday, 22 July 2011

Apple Pie, Anyone?

Apples in he Tree
So far, this year has been a year of many firsts - I have done many things this year that I have never done before including: host a barbecue, learn Sign Language, and of course most recently, make myself out to look like a really dodgy character. However, the list of new things tried does not stop there, for I have decided to try my hand at pie making!

I am fortunate enough to have an apple tree overhanging my garden, which every years fills with cooking apples to the point of bursting - if that was actually possible. Usually, almost all the apples end up rotting on the ground (I pick a few for a friend to use) - but not this year. This year I intend to make my own apple pie, and eat it.

Or throw it in a Media Tycoon's face - depending on the mood of the country at the time.

I will make the pie from scratch - I will make the pastry and everything. There will be no cheating on my part; no ready made pastry, no pre-prepared pie filling, and no shop bought Apple Pie to pass off as my own. This will be a voyage of discovery - and like all voyages of discovery, the journey may be rough, and may involve several people being sick.

However, make no mistake - there is danger involved here.....

Danger: Tree.
Here is a picture of the apple tree taken from further back. You will no doubt notice that the branch in the foreground has something on it. This is a safety carrier bag, and was attached to the tree at my recent Barbecue, to warn people of the danger of the tree.
What you can't really tell from that picture is how low that branch comes down. Well let me tell you, it comes down low. I have already caught my head and shoulders on that branch. What I do in my garden with a bottle of shampoo is my business.

"I don't trust you...."
To illustrate the threat posed by this branch, here is a picture of me standing next to it. You can see how low the branch is - and can appreciate the damage that would be caused if it caught you a glancing blow.
And yet, I will have to run the gauntlet of low, sharp branches every time I go to harvest the apples I will need for my pie. I can't use the ones that fall to the floor, as they will be bruised and unusable. I could develop some upper body armour I suppose - but this takes time, and I really can't be bothered.

So I will bravely see my plan through, though I may be injured in the process. In the end I hope to have created a tasty Apple Pie, that I can make over and over for friends and family - for a small fee.

I do also have a Strawberry plant, and some Rhubarb in my garden - so the possibilities are...........well, about three-fold: it'll be either Apple Pie, Strawberry Jam, or Rhubarb crumble.

Or, Apple and Rhubarb Pie with a Strawberry Jus.

Maybe a Rhubarb and Strawberry comport with baked apple.

Possibly even a three fruit salad.

With ice cream.

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