Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tempting.........Tempted!! Oh.

It's been a mixed bag of a day today - this morning was good, the afternoon slightly more stressful. You know those days when  you get home from work, sit down for 5 minutes but could quite happily nod off there and then? One of those sorts of days.
While I understand that these days will occur from time to time - the frequency dependant on the type of job you have, I believe - for me personally, they can lead to temptation. I was walking home tonight, a little tired, a little fed up and I was thinking about what to have for dinner this evening. All I had eaten today was two Weetabix, a cup-a-soup (I'm currently trying a range of Ainsley Harriott soups), and four Dark Rye Ryvita . I've included links, so that those people that follow me outside the U.K who may not be familiar with these products can get an idea of how exciting my current food intake is.

I'm good to you lot, aren't I?

Anyway, I hadn't had much to eat and as I was walking home the little devil of temptation appeared on my shoulder and whispered "what about a take away? what about some chocolate? Or cakes? you like cakes......". I tried to ignore it, but the devilish imp then decided to jab me in the ear with his Trident and shout "OI!! FATTY!! WHY NOT STUFF YOUR FACE WITH SOMETHING TASTY - THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!"

It is a Trident that Devils are always pictured as carrying, isn't it? Or is it a Pitchfork? No - it's not a Pitchfork, they are only carried by Farmers. If you get a small farmer appear on your shoulder, the only thing he is likely to tell you to do is "Get orf moy land!!" (that is how to speak like a Farmer - unless you are in the U.S.A, where you just play a Banjo and marry your sister. Actually, that might be Rednecks - it's somewhat of a grey area, the whole Farmer, Redneck, Hillbilly thing - they could in fact be the separate stages of evolution for the same type of person.)

Well, that was a massive diversion from what I was talking about. Where was I? Ah yes - temptation. I was being tempted - but I stood fast and walked on to my home. When I got in, I looked around the kitchen for something to make for dinner. I thought about doing Spaghetti Bolognese, but thought that would be a bit too involved. I wanted something simple but filling in the end.
Sorry that last sentence was a typing error - it should have read 'I wanted something simple but filling. In the end.....'. In the end, I decided to have pasta with Tuna and Mayonnaise. A millisecond after reaching this decision, inspiration rushed up behind me wedgied me with all of its might. Tuna and mayonnaise is made from (surprisingly) Tuna and Mayonnaise. However, in the fridge I had something else that goes well with fish - Tartare sauce. I would add Tartare sauce to my Tuna, and experience a brand new taste sensation.

I mixed the Tuna and Tartare sauce together, and added some chopped red pepper. I dipped a tea spoon in, and took a mouthful..............and do you know what?

Didn't really taste that different to be honest. Turns out Tartare sauce has got mayonnaise in it.

So I had Pasta with Tuna and Tartare sauce (that tastes like Mayonnaise) for dinner tonight. And I avoided temptation. Trouble is, I'm running out of food - I get paid next Friday (the 24th), so between now and then, I will be creating some imaginative meals...........

I'll keep a note of what I make, and the recipes will be on my new website: www.I-hate-my-digestive-system/where's-the-nearest-loo?.org


  1. Hey!....Hi!.....Larry....
    How ya do'in.....I pick yer Blog up, now and again, and have a little read.
    Yeah! cool, love it. I'm not to far away, here in Blandford. Know Stur very well, was in the Swan, last Monday, usually about on Mondays, get eggs from the butcher van, lardy cake, from the bread people, opp. the Swan. So, know a lot of people in and around the area.
    Anyway, won't bore ya.....I have a little Blog.....cough...cough....! :)
    One a lady friend did for me just over a couple years ago now.....Have'nt learned how to ...Yet! To lazy.....
    Or, click on to pussy-cat George....Up top there.....Great....Be Gooood, Think Pink....! :).

  2. Hi Willie, thank you for your kind words.

    I have a look at your blog - from the info about you, I'm sure you have enough stories to be able to put a few on your blog.

    If you get the time, I recommend doing it!

    Maybe I'll see you in the swan sometime!