Friday, 3 June 2011

Finding Friends Through Twitter, and I Couldn't Be Less Green Fingered If I was a Smurf Wearing Black Gloves

It's a funny old world really. On Wednesday, I decided to take a look at my long neglected Twitter account  ( ), as the only thing I had been tweeting was the link to this Blog - it's all about the blog - and I felt that I should make more of an effort. So I tweeted a few things, over the space of a few hours and thought nothing of it.

I went back to tweet something a little later, and was surprised to find a tweet from a complete stranger. This stranger, a guy called Makell Bird (!/makellbird)  runs a company called Maktown - which does TV/Radio/Mix tapes, and is a division of A.D. Entertainment. All of which makes no sense to me. All I do know is that this guy is in the U.S. and he has offered to follow my blog, if I follow his.

Now I have no idea as to how he me on twitter, but I am always grateful for new followers, so was happy to oblige. I gave him my Blog address, and he shortly confirmed that he was following (and he is - he's the first picture in my grid of followers). What I didn't expect, was that he would re-tweet my tweet with my blog address to all of his followers  - all 1,744 of them! That action has greatly increased my chances of getting more followers. Or more hate mail.

Of course, I returned the favour and re-tweeted Makell Bird's Blog address to all  14 of my followers. Yeah, sorry about that Makell......

I don't know how Makell found me - if you are reading this Makell (and I hope you are), I'd be curious to know how you found me. Obviously it was by accident - but without wishing to cause offence, have you sent the tweet you sent me to thousands of others on Twitter, with the aim to promote your own blog - or was it just  by chance or referral that you found me.

It couldn't  have been referral - my tweets are about as interesting as a Space Shuttle Mission these days.

So, there you have it - through pure chance, my blog has reached an even larger audience. Now if you could all click on the adverts at the side of my blog, that would be a great help. You don't have to buy anything, just click the ad.

I'm joking of course - you have to buy.

Today being Friday, I finished work early. Today I was really early - out the door by 12:30. Ooh - either there's a thunderstorm coming, or you guys are all grumbling about my part time work pattern!!
Anyway, I have not come home and been idle. I have done my housework, and have started attacking the dead plants and the weeds that have taken over my garden. Armed with a pair of secateurs, I have removed all the dead bits, and these will be taken to the tip tomorrow. And then I bring out the weed killer.........

Somebody has suggested that it might be a good idea to get someone who knows about plants to point out which are plants and which are weeds, but I don't think that will be necessary. I'll just use my common sense and judgement.

It's a fair bet that Percy Thrower will be turning in his grave.

And that Makell Bird has no idea who Percy Thrower is. Apart from the fact he is dead.

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