Sunday, 5 June 2011

All I Want Is a Bit of Peace And Quiet, Okay?!

I have found a new social networking.....thingy. It's called Audioboo, and it's a bit like twitter - except you can record audio (up to 5 minutes worth).  I have already set up my ac to record count (, and am following such people as Stephen Fry, and Chris Moyles - but there are "boos" - the cute name given for a recording - from all types of people all over the globe, and they cover every conceivable topic and subject. Many are just recordings of sound - traffic, background conversations, the ocean etc.

So I'm exploring this new toy, and have done a few recordings (which are shown on the left of my blog - just click on the links). And I wanted to record some more today - some birdsong to be precise - but could I find anywhere where I could just stand in silence and record the birdsong?


The world and his bloody wife, and their dog and car were out and about. I walked for ages, but kept passing people and seeing people walking towards me. I couldn't get a moments peace!

In the end, I gave up. Why can't you all just bugger off?

I will make more recordings - there is an app for most phones I believe - I just don't know what I will record!

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