Friday, 6 May 2011

What a day!

Well, here I am in Tillicoultry - not the final destination of my trip to Scotland, but a stopping off point.

The day started at 8am when I loaded the car with mine and my friend's things, and went to pick him up from work (he had left his flat at 5am to go to work). Once he was collected, we went and got his brother and then topped up the car with petrol.
We were now ready for the 2nd leg of our Scotland trip - the road to Peterborough.
At least we were once a brief disagreement with my Satnav had been resolved. With me and the Satnav singing from the same song sheet, our journey began. It was 9am.

The Journey to Peterborough went smoothly enough - Martin sat in the front with Richard (who I had stayed with overnight - not in the Biblical sense) in the back.  Like Richard, I hadn't seen Martin for about 7 years, so I spent the first 20 minutes having the same catch up conversation that I had had with Richard the night before.

In two hours we reached Peterborough - but for the last few miles, there was a strong smell of petrol in my car. I made it to my Best Friend's house, but I wonder what the problem is.....

After a brief hello with my best friend and his amazing wife, it was time to set off. Amazingly, we got five people plus baggage into a Skoda Fabia, and set off. Along the way my best friend and I, and his two brothers reminisced about days gone by, and looked forward to the 10 days in Scotland that lay before us. I can honestly say that I have not laughed so much in a very long time.

It's an almost exactly six hour journey from Peterborough to Tillicoultry - but we took Six and a half hours because we stopped at services two hours in. Once we had drunk, eaten, and emptied our bladders we got back on the road. My best friend, Ben drove all the way there - he has done this trip several times, and is used to it. I offered to drive some of the way, but after he stopped laughing Ben said he was fine. He did ask me to impersonate him, and call the man whose holiday home we are staying in. From now on, if we see that man, I have to be Ben.

We discovered a few interesting facts on the journey - namely:
Driving at a steady 72 miles per hour as opposed to his usual 80 - 85 mph, saved Ben 125 miles worth of petrol.
For some reason, the cd player in Ben's car has the word "dance" above where you put the cd in. Ben had never noticed this in the almost three years he had the car so far.
Ben couldn't remember the word "Care Home" to describe the special places where disabled people are looked after - so he called them "Disability Houses"
To me that sounds like a building where the Windows don't shut properly, and none of the pictures are hung straight.

Anyway, with the laughing the time flew by and soon enough we arrived at Tillicoultry, at the home of Jim and Leigh - two very special people who I haven't seen in over 5 years.
And this is where I am now, finishing this blog before going to sleep. Tomorrow, its the final leg of the journey - the two hour drive to Glen Coe, our destination.

They say the weather is turning bad. I don't care - It's Scotland!!

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