Friday, 20 May 2011

Trainer, Eye, Dinner Apathy

Well kids, here we are again. Another Friday almost done, and the weekend before us. For those of you who work on the weekends, please disregard these comments (sorry).

As those of you who have been following my blog regularly will know, my life is full of little quirks. Today I have been able to add another one to the already extensive list of things that make me say "why?". I have developed a squeak in one of my trainers. The right one to be exact. It has been squeaking everytime I put my foot down for a while now - and I mean while my foot is in the trainer. It doesn't sit there squeaking as I walk around the house barefoot or in socks - that would be weird - but when I am wearing them and walking, the right trainer squeaks as it hits the floor and I put weight on it.

I have done the obligatory check on the sole. From the sound it was making, I was sure that I would find a piece of polystyrene stuck in between the tread. Or if not polystyrene perhaps a tiny mouse, wedged firmly in the underside of my trainer. Perhaps the squeak was the tiny mouse's cry of pain  as it was crushed between the sole of my trainer and the ground, and then as my foor lifted off the mouse would try and get a tiny breath with which to cry for help - only to have the air forced out of it in a scream of agony as I took each step. Maybe this terrible cycle carried on seemingly endlessly for the mouse as I walked around in my trainers.

As it turns out, there is no mouse. There is no polystyrene either. I thoroughly checked the sole for any other possible explanations for the sound (and by "thoroughly checked" I mean poked the sole with my index finger once or twice), but could find no answer. I must confess that I am at a loss as to why one trainer is squeaking while the other is silent. I bought the trainers as a pair; I didn't have to buy one and wear it while I waited for the other one to be delivered to me. I always wear them as a pair - I never wear them individually, hopping around my garden with only one trainer on,  saying "look at me, I'm hopping!" to anyone who might be within earshot. They have had almost exactly the same wear and tear, and have walked the same distance down to to the centimetre almost. So why does one squeak and one not?

Maybe it is because my right foot is slightly bigger than my left foot, and therefore fills the trainer slightly more and puts a fraction more pressure on the surface of the inside of the trainer it covers? Maybe this extra pressure has caused a tiny component in the right trainer to fail, and subsequently make that squeaking noise?
Oh hang might be my left foot which is bigger than my right, and not the other way around. In which case, that last point is mute (unlike my trainer). To be honest, I don't know which of my feet is biggest - I just know that one of them is.

Being Friday, I finished early (you weekend workers are loving me more and more, aren't you?). However, although I had only done half a day, I still had a good and productive afternooon. I had an appointment with the Bank at 3pm to sort out opening an ISA. I am on the verge of winning the battle against financial instability, and therefore plan to put money away in both a normal savings account, and an ISA for longer term, rainier days needs.

My meeting was with the Bank manger herself (ooooh!!), who is a very nice lady called Sue. We sat in a small room with a computer on a desk with the screen turned so that we could both see it clearly. We had a brief discussion about Scotland - Sue knew I had been recently, and she was in turn going to Scotland in a few weeks. It sure is a small world!

Sue is very helpful, friendly and professional - but is unfortunately distracting. The reason she is distracting is the fact that she has a lazy eye. When looking straight at me, her left eye looked straight ahead but her right eye looked a little to the right. It is a tiny thing that I never noticed before when she served me over the counter - but in a closed room with just me and her, it became hugely obvious.

The trouble is that I, though various customer service training courses I have been on, have been trained to maintain eye contact when talking to someone. It shows you are interested and that you are listening to the person talking to you. So of course, not wanting to seem rude or uninterested, I mainained eye contact with Sue - or at least tried to. Everytime I looked at Sue's right eye, I felt like her left eye was looking over my left shoulder. So I then fixed my gaze on her left eye, but then felt like I was staring at it, and reverted back to the right eye. Soon I was concious of spending too much time looking at her left eye, and so would start looking again at the left eye. The longer this went on, the more sure I was that Sue thought I was staring at her. And the more I thought about it, the more I stared. In the end, I employed a fail safe tactic of focusing my gaze on a few different things for only a few seconds each - right eye, left eye, computer screen, desk. Right eye, left eye, computer screen, desk. Right eye, left eye, computer screen, desk. This way I wouldn't upset Sue by staring at one eye weirdly.

Of course, sitting opposite Sue rolling my eyes at her in stages like some sort of nutter was a much better idea.

Thankfully, the ISA application process didn't take very long, and I was able to get out of there.

I went home, played a bit of Call of Duty on the Wii, and then went to do my weekly good deed of picking up my friend Harriet from her workplace and taking her home. Today, he fabulous brother Stan was at home and we had a brief catch up before Stan and Harriet started arguing - so I politely said my goodbyes. I did also get to see the best dogs in the world, which is always a bonus.

I stopped off at Co-op on my way home to get some bits and pieces that can be used for meals next week, and that brings us up to speed. I'm sitting here finishing my blog, trying to decide if I can be bothered to have something for tea. I try to eat before 7pm if I can help it - so that is out the window tonight. Maybe I'll just have a cup a soup and some Rvita.

No it doesn't sound appetising, or filling. Luckily, I am full as it is - full of fat, so not eating much won't do me any harm.

Plus I had a bag of M&M's and a bottle of Coke earlier.

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