Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sagging, Cull, Jennie.
I'm definitely getting older you know. That may sound a bit stupid, as we are all getting older as every second passes, but in this instance I actually meant my mental age. Physically, of course I am getting older - this was highlighted last night when I met up with friends for a few drinks. I was wearing my new Scotland T-shirt (pictured), which as you can see has a map of Scotland made up of place names on it. I was talking about the Isle of Rum, and was asked where it is. So I pointed it out on the t-shirt - it was just to the right of my right nipple. I then made a joke that as I got older the Isle of Rum would slip steadily southwards as my man boobs sagged, and end up somewhere near Birmingham in a few years.

Yes I have man boobs. Small ones.

The fact that everything sags is a fact of aging. You can fight it by taking regular exercise of course, but even then you cannot stop or reverse the process and some sagging will occur. It is just one of the signs of aging. However, I have always felt young in my mind, and refuse to acknowledge the possibility of my mind aging. But this morning when I woke up and saw what time it was, instead of having a youthful thought such as "what a lovely lie in, I'm going back to sleep", I had a much mature thought come to me - namely "shit! that's almost half the day wasted!". And the ironic thing about that mature thought is the fact that I had no plans for today, other than housework - which doesn't take me very long anyway.

So I got up, had some breakfast, and then decided to start the housework. The plan was to start upstairs and work my way through the house. It was a good plan, but it was quickly put on hold when I started to put some clothes away. As I opened my wardrobe door and searched for a empty hanger, I suddenly decided to have a clothing cull and throw out some items. Now I am not one to usually boast, but I am very good at clothing culls. I am completely ruthless - sentimentality does not affect my decision making. I have a few simple rules by which I decide if an item is to be thrown away: 1) Does it still fit? 2) Does it suit me? 3) Do I need an updated version of this type of item? 4) Am I realistically ever going to wear it?

With these guidelines in place, I worked through my wardrobe and chest of drawers. Over the next 15 minutes I would discard the following: All my ties; my suit trousers (I no longer have the suit jacket); two hoodies, all my festival t-shirts; one jumper; two pairs of jeans; a coat; a pair of grey pump type shoes; two shirts.

Some of these items were Christmas presents a few years ago; others were bought at a happy time in my life with a former partner. I still had to discard them as I just was not wearing them, and to keep them for sentimental reason was simply not reason enough. It might seem a bit extreme throwing out my only set of trousers, some formal shirts and all my ties - but this will ensure that one of my first things I save for in my new financial life will be a new suit, shirts and ties. I found it hugely therapeutic, clearing out my clothes. I now have more space - space I am looking forward to filling with new clothes when I buy them.

When I had finished, I took my clothes to a local charity shop. There is a possibility that this could backfire on me, as in theory I might start seeing people in my town wearing my discarded clothing which in turn might make me a wee bit sentimental and could lead to me missing the item in question and regretting giving it away.

It's a small possibility, but a possibility nonetheless.

The clothing cull completed, I carried on with the rest of the housework. It didn't take very long - namely because I didn't bother doing the kitchen or bathroom. I'll do them tomorrow - it'll give me something to get up for. Another thing I'm going to do tomorrow is go for a walk. I'm not doing enough exercise, and although walking isn't the most strenuous activity going, it is a start. I'll be walking a good few miles so will be working the old legs.

As I type this, Forrest Gump is on the TV. It's a brilliant film. This might make you laugh, but I can relate quite quite a bit to Forrest Gump. I had a "Jennie" once, a girl that I was completely and utterly head over heels in love with. Unfortunately, I didn't get the happy ending like the film - I didn't end up with my Jennie (who isn't called Jennie, I have used that name to protect her identity).  Forrest Gump also makes me think about where life can take you. I don't know where life will take me, but I'm looking forward to the journey.

I've just noticed the time - it's 8:15pm. I've been waffling on this blog on and off for two hours or so. I keep writing a bit, then stopping, and then writing a bit more. Which explains why this one is so rubbish. I really must try to improve this blog. I'm open to suggestions - although "stopping" will not be considered an acceptable option.

So that's another blog done. Again, I have managed to write about nothing - which is quite an accomplishment, if your standard of accomplishment is set really low.

I'll probably shouldn't have said that - now I'm under pressure......

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