Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Rats, Ring, and Running Around Like a Blue Arsed Fly

Phew!! If you are still here after watching that mind-bogglingly awful video, let me firstly say how terribly sorry I am. I got kind of carried away, and having just watched it back, I now realise that I am the new Dr Frankenstein - I have created a monster.

Anyway, I promised that this would be a half video and half text blog entry - so here is the second half:

I wear a ring on my right hand, on the finger between my middle finger and little finger. It is a worry ring - so called because the middle of the band moves, and can be spun round the ring. This is presumably what people do when they worry, I don't know. Anyway,  I wear my ring all the time while I am awake, except in the shower. For some reason I don't like to wear it while I sleep - it feels uncomfortable, so I take it off as soon as I get into bed. In the morning, the first thing I do is put my ring back on.
I had a shower this morning, so I took my ring off while I made myself lovely. However, I forgot to put my ring back on after my shower, and went off to work.
Well, my hand felt really weird without my ring on - I was really conscious of it. My hand felt noticeably lighter, the bit of my finger that is covered by the ring felt cold, and it just was 'wrong' all day. Obviously, as soon as I got home, I slipped my finger in my ring (sorry - I couldn't resist phrasing it that way lol!), and normal service was resumed.

The probable reason for me forgetting to put my ring on this morning was the fact that I was thinking about work. I was convinced we had a container due in this morning at 8am, and so got to work for 6:45am to prepare for it and - if need be - make a start on it. As it turns out, the container is arriving tomorrow morning at 8am, so I will be in work for 7am in case it is early.
As most of you will now know, I am off to Scotland on Thursday. Actually, that is not strictly true - I'm off to sunny Basildon on Thursday  where I am staying with a friend. On Friday, I am driving said friend and his brother (also a friend) up to Peterborough, where their brother - and my best friend - lives. From there we drive to Scotland, where we meet up with my best friends sister (also a friend of mine), and her partner (yes, he's a friend), and then we all go to the Highlands.
So, my last working day this week is Thursday. As a result, I am frantically trying to tie up all loose ends and get everything done that I need to get done before I go away. It's not that I don't think my workplace could cope without me, but whenever people that don't know the ins and outs of my job have to do it, I try to make it as easy as possible for them.
It doesn't actually sound like I've got that much to sort out; I've got to make up the kits for the products we want made in may, as much as possible - we are waiting for components from a couple of suppliers which won't be here until next week. I've got to plan what orders need to go out to customers next week - this means liaising with the packing house regarding when the items we need will be finished, and booking transport. There are also deliveries to be booked in and recorded, the container to unload and check in, and lots of every day tasks to be done.
But you know how it is - when you know you've got limited time, every job seems to take longer, be more involved, and you get more and more stressed. I guess I hate the idea of me not doing something I should have done, and subsequently letting people down.

So, I've got a busy day tomorrow - and the next...........

But not too busy that I can't think up some ridiculously far fetched gibberish to spout on here!!

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