Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Old Man, Ring, Coffees.


Day Four of our Scotland adventure - and what a day! The plan was simple - drive to the Isle of Skye, go to the Old Man of Storr (pictured), climb it - terrify myself at the view, and possibly visit the Skye Silver shop. Before I go on, let me assure you that we were not going to climb the Old Man himself. There is another climb nearby that was our intended target. It's a three hour drive to the Isle of Skye (many thanks to Ben who did ALL the driving today), so we set off at about 10:00am.

Along the way, the weather was bad - rain and low clouds equalled low visibility. Visibility is everything in terms of view from high places, so we were doubtful about whether we would actually bother doing the Old Man of Storr. We pulled over at Eilean Donan Castle to decide what to do.

We decided to have a cup of coffee, and decide what to do. Over the coffee, we decided to not go to the Old man of Storr at all and just visit Skye Silver and then find something else to do in that area. Our coffee drunk (or Ben, as we liked to call him) and finished, we hit the road again.

The roads on Skye are mainly single track, and it is a quite desolate and isolated place. The rain had been coming down steadily - so much so that wherever water flowed over the peat marshland, the usual gentle flow was transformed into a white torrent. The bruised and brooding clouds crouched low over the hills and mountains like a chicken warming her eggs. Or a greedy fat child guarding its cache of chocolate. Or maybe a duvet  thrown over a group of mole hills.
However you want to picture them, they were low.

At last we arrived at Skye Silver - a small shop no bigger than most people's lounge, at the side of small road. As I walked in, I had one thing on my mind: find the ring that I had bought 9 years earlier, that had sadly broken about five years ago. I went straight to the counter - ignoring the friendly greeting from the woman managing the shop - and looked through the rings on display.

Success!! They still had the same style of ring!! The picture here doesn't do it justice - it really is a nice ring. The thing I especially like about it is the fact that it is not symmetrical, and therefore each one is unique. The shop didn't have one big enough to fit my sausage / banana fingered hand (I'm a size Z+!), but they did say that they could get one made and sent to me.
So I ordered it there and then. Oh yes I bloody well did!! Check me out and every fink!!

I was, and still am as happy as the shortened version of my first name (and the name that I like to be called by my friends) would suggest I am, at the success in finding another incarnation of my favourite ring. It will take 4 to 6 weeks to be made and be delivered to my home address. I shall be counting the days.......

The rest of the day was a bit of an anti climax really (just kidding!) - we spent some time looking for a park that didn't exist, and ended up eating our packed lunches whilst parked in a sort of passing place. Leigh and Jim had come with us (Leigh had been bought a lovely necklace at Skye Silver by her adoring husband Jim - yes, still in the honeymoon period -, and had nearly got a new ring out of him too), and they took their dog Jack for a little walk. Ben had some important work stuff to sort out via a call on his mobile, and I had my lunch to eat.

After walking Jack, Jim and Leigh returned - only for Jim to be hijacked by Ben's son Cain who forced Jim to carry him around on a piggy back for about twenty minutes. All the time, Cain would raise one hand in the air and cry "YEEEE - HAAAAAA!!!!" whilst Jim would be bent double, his face contorted in pain.
Thankfully for Jim, the time came for us to move on. We waited for him to crawl back to the car on all fours, and then we all set off again.

The plan was now to visit Dunvegan castle - the sight of a famous battle where the local butchers and livestock sellers won a victory over the non meat eating community in 1647. By the time we got there, it was almost 5pm - the time of the last entry. We stood outside the cars and discussed what to do.

We decided that another cup of coffee was required. While we ordered, Jim waited outside with Jack. Apparently, while he was waiting two American women came up to him and gave him a treat. A TREAT FOR THE DOG YOU FILTHY MINDED PEOPLE!

Honestly, get your minds out of the gutter!!

We came out with the coffees, and soup (Ben had soup - the weirdo), discussed our next move. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that our next move was to go back home, and eat. So that is what we did.

As I finish typing this, I have a can of Guinness - my newest beverage of choice - by my side. It is almost empty, and I know that it will not refill itself. So I must away and get another.

I'm getting a new old ring!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!

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