Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Journey Home Part Two: Tillicoultry to Peterborough, then Peterborough to Basildon.

I awoke at 8am. Leigh and Jim's house was quiet - everyone else was asleep. Or awake, but lying very still. Or dead.
I got dressed, put away the bed linen from the camp bed (and by put away, I mean dump on the chair in the room), and went down stairs. As I crossed the landing, Ben appeared from his room. I greeted him with our holiday greeting of choice, "you don't know things!". Ben followed me downstairs and we woke Martin and Richard - by punching them as they slept. By the time they stirred (they took a lot of punching) Jim and Leigh came downstairs, and we all had breakfast.

Once we had eaten, we loaded the car and said our goodbyes. I don't know when I will see Leigh and Jim again exactly - but I know it won't be 5 years before I do!

Ben, Martin, Richard, Cain and myself set off for Peterborough. There isn't too much to say about the journey apart from the Cheap KFC meal for Cain (extra large chips and popcorn chicken for £2), the hilarious album by Flight of The Conchords, and the fact that for the last 30 miles or so Ben was desperate for a wee - but didn't see a services with toilets that he liked the look of.

Picky, or what?

Six hours after setting off from Tillicoultry, we arrived in Market Deeping, near Peterborough - home to Ben, Cain, the lovely Michelle, and their dog, Alfie. After hellos, kisses, and tea/coffee it was pretty much time for me to take Richard and Martin back to Basildon. I checked the car for coolant, screen wash, and the ability to start. All got the thumbs up. We said more goodbyes, put the destination in my Sat Nav, and set off.

The journey to Basildon was uneventful. There was a tail back due to an accident after junction 8 of the M11, but you don't need to know that. Oops! Too late....

So, we made it to Basildon. I dropped Martin off, then me and Richard got some pizza for tea (mine is almost ready now). And here I am, in Richard's flat, typing my blog.

My love and heartfelt thanks to Ben, Leigh, Jim, Martin, Richard, Cain, and Jack for the best week I have had in many years. I have never laughed so much, been so terrified, and enjoyed the company of my closest and most special friends so much before in the space of one week.

Can't wait for next year - Scotland, yeah?

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