Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Journey Home Begins....

Day Eight - the final day of our Scotland adventure - began with operation "clean up the mess". We had to tidy and clean our abode, and dispose of all left over and unused food and drink (well, that which couldn't be kept in the fridge or the cupboards). We also had to pack our things, and load the cars ready for departure at 10am.
To be fair, it didn't take that long to sort; the washing up was done first, and then pretty much everything else was categorised as either "take with" or "throw away". Once that had been done, all that was required was to wipe the surfaces and Hoover through. When we had finished, it was 9:15am - 45 minutes before the departure deadline.

This was a good thing as Ben's car was coming under scrutiny as he checked everything from his Oil to his tyre pressure. Originally Ben had decided to top up his oil while his car was parked outside our accommodation - but discovered this was not a good idea on a slope. The car was moved to flat ground, and the necessary checks were completed. With everything done that was needed, we set off!

We didn't get too far, as it was agreed that a final visit to Fort William was in order. Out first port of call was a cafe, where I had a cooked breakfast. I also had a severe case of Deja Vu, and saw a guy that looked just like me. I was beside myself!
After breakfast had been consumed, the various retail establishments within Fort William town centre beckoned. I had not planned to buy anything - but that didn't stop me coming away with a new hoodie, a new t-shirt, a rubber duck, and an ice cube tray that made ice cubes in the shape of the Titanic and the Iceberg.

All quality purchases, I assure you.

With our shopping done, we drove to the inn that we had lunch in yesterday to spend a leisurely few hours having a pint and a bite to eat. It was a very enjoyable afternoon: the food was great, the company even better, and the scenery outside was amazing. The scenery inside was pants - but they did good food.

And then it was time to leave Glencoe. As we drove through the magnificent valley with its towering peaks looking down on us, I cried like an over tired infant. Our destination was Tillicoultry - home to the fabulous Mr & Mrs Jim Bell.
En route we stopped at the "Green Welly Stop Shop" (or something) - a small but popular shopping emporium. I bought some shortbread, and for a moment convinced myself that I had lost my phone. I hadn't - it was safe in my coat in the car.

We set off again soon afterwards. There would be one more stop - but that was to get some pictures of some Highland Cows - woo hoo!.
Eventually we made it to Leigh and Jim's house. We grabbed fish and chips for tea and then watched a dvd of a series called "Flight of The Conchords" - its a comedy series about two Kiwi musicians in a band. It's a bit weird in places, but very funny. You should check it out.

And that is it. I'm typing this blog on my mobile laying on a camp bed in Leigh's office.

And now I'm stopping.

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