Friday, 13 May 2011

Great Scenery, and The Danger of Death.

Day Seven of our Scotland Adventure reared it's ugly head like the Loch Ness monster rearing it's ugly head above......something.

I was actually quite glad to wake up, as I had been having a very strange dream where I was trying to fortify a town against an imminent attack, but Daniel Craig (James Bond, Defiance) wouldn't let me. And for some reason I was of African descent. HUH????

Anyway, I got up, had breakfast, had a shave and prepared for the day ahead. We had agreed that today would be a walking day, but a local walk in Glencoe. It would be me, Ben, Cain, Jim, Leigh, and Jack the dog going - Martin and Richard would be doing their own thing.

Probably wrestling each other naked in the shower whilst oiled up, Ben suggested.

We set off to Glencoe, but stopped at a local craft shop as Leigh wanted to make Jim buy her something - I mean, Leigh wanted to have a look around. It was a nice little shop, with the usual things in it - a shop assistant and a till. We looked around for a bit, and I bought an unusual noughts and crosses game (with sheep as the noughts and sheep dogs as the crosses), and a tea towel. These are presents for two very good friends on mine - and before you get your hopes up, it's not you.
Suddenly, I received a surprise call from nature which I had to answer. Typically, some git was in the gents toilet (there was only one cubical), so I had to wait. The git in the loo was taking ages, so I was forced to nip into the ladies loo next door and use one of their two cubicles. Why do women have more cubicles than men? is it because they always go to the loo in pairs?. Anyway, I did the needful and came out - just as the git from the men's loo appeared. And who was it? None other than my best mate Ben.

See? I knew it was a git.

We left the shop, and drove on to Glencoe. We found a parking space, put on our walking boots and rucksacks, and then promptly walked to a nearby pub because Leigh needed the toilet. We ended up having two Latte's, to pepsi's, an egg roll, and some chips. That's just the way it happens with us I guess. Having eaten we set off on our walk. It was a forest walk - so nice and flat and gentle, but with still great scenery.


Glencoe is the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen - the peaks of the mountains and Munros towering over you, combined with the tranquil beauty of the rivers that flow around and down them really makes my spirits soar. I will definitely be coming back here every year from now on.


However, there is a darker side to this beauty. Along one side of Glencoe is the infamous "Ridge" The pictures above do not really do it justice. It is basically a walk along the top of the peaks in the pictures above. It takes a good 11 hours to complete, and in some parts you have to negotiate a ledge only inches wide. I have not done it myself, but Ben and Jim have. Looking up at the ridge from the valley below it was impossible to see how anyone could do such a feat. Even as we looked today, the weather along the ridge changed minute by minute as clouds rolled across the peaks. It is an awesome sight to behold, and I take my hat off to Jim and Ben - and anyone who has managed to conquer the Ridge. Ben has said that when he did it, they were passed by people doing the ridge with proper climbing equipment - ropes etc. Ben and Jim did it in just walking boots, waterproofs, and a whole lot of nerve.

We spent a long time looking up at the ridge. We actually saw someone negotiating it. We also saw what must have been an Eagle - we could see it hovering above one of the peaks along the ridge, and if we could see it with the naked eye from down in the valley, it must have been a big bird.
Time was ticking by, so we headed back to the cars got changed and drove back the the pub for a meal. The food was excellent, and was enjoyed by all.

After that, we came home via the local Co-Op store where we picked up goodies. I got Tim Brooke-Taylor.

And here I am now, sat downstairs finishing my blog. A game of Pictionary is due momentarily, so I must away. Tomorrow we clean up and go home. 

And no, I don't want to. 

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