Thursday, 19 May 2011

Eyes, Saving The Miserable, Ring, and One - or Both!

I actually only had 24 seconds of video time left, so I was cutting it close!

While I was at the hospital this afternoon I did it again. I started having random, funny little conversations with complete strangers. I can't help it - it's like a sickness with me. It always seems to be in places that are usually depressing - the hospital, a car park, or Tesco's. I think it is because these places are so sad, and miserable that I'm almost fighting the depressingness (is that a word?) of it all with my humour.

Maybe that's it - maybe that is my calling in life. I could be a brand new type of superhero - Randomly Bizarre Unoffensive Humour Man!!! I could travel the world, making sad people smile (and by sad people, I don't mean 45 year old single men who still live with their mother), and cheering folk up. It's not a bad idea - for example, as I got back to my car to come back to work after my appointment, another car pulled up. The passenger door side was closest to me, and I could see a lady in the passenger seat waiting to get out. But I also noticed that she had one arm in a sling. So, I motioned to her to ask if she wanted to get out (by pointing both index fingers at her, and then pointing them both the left while mouthing "get out???"). She nodded, so I opened the door for her and then offered my harm for her to hold on to and help her get up out of her seat. Once she was out I shut the passenger door for her. She said thank you, and I got in my car and prepared to reverse out of m parking space.

How ironic that she walked behind my car, and I ploughed into her - killing her instantly.

I'm joking of course (officer). But as I was sat in my car, the lady's husband came over and thanked me for helping his wife. I said it was no trouble, and that I hoped that someone would do the same for me one day if I needed it. The man joked that he would if the situation arose, and I said that if he gave me his number I would call when in need.

You see, that makes it all worth while - when the other person has a laugh with you. When they don't, it's just not fun. Like the time I saw this woman walking through town. I ran up to her and said "oh my god! your hair is on fire! - oh, my mistake, you're ginger." Didn't even get a giggle out of her.

Some people eh?

This (meaning the picture to the left) is the ring I bought from Skye Silver ( whilst on holiday last week in Scotland. I only ordered it on Tuesday 10th May, and it arrived today. Which is pretty good considering they had to make it for me (I'm a size Z+ cos of my fat sausage fingers. Mmmmm........sausage), and they told me it would be four to six weeks for delivery. I was very impressed and very happy to get the ring so soon. I had the same ring many years ago that I bought from Skye Silver about 9 years ago, but it broke and I hadn't been able to get back to replace it until this year. The ring I got today is quite thing and feels a little fragile, so it will have to be a "going out" ring not an everyday wear ring.
Imagine the bunny that has just been awarded first place in this year's "Happiest Bunny" competition. That's me.

So, it's Friday tomorrow and the weekend starts. I've got an exciting appointment with the bank to discuss ISA's - this is part of my sorting out my financialness (is that a word also? or am I making this stuff up?), which in turn is part of the grand scheme to sort myself out and convince Cameron Diaz that she really wants to settle down with me.

Of course, if Cameron is unavailable I would happily take either of these two beautiful older women:
Jamie Lee Curtis
Sharon Stone

I would. Oh yes.

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