Monday, 23 May 2011

Castro was Fussy, Green Fingers Here I come, So Many People - Such Little Time

I tell you what, nothing beats the satisfaction of a good meal. Actually, that's not true; there are many,  many things that beat the satisfaction of a good meal - but I doubt if you could get them from eating Steak and Ale Pie, boiled potatoes, and veg.

Che Guevara - Fray's best mate.
I must admit, I have been loving a bit of Steak and Ale pie at the moment. The one I ate tonight was made by the famous pie making company Fray Bentos - who incidentally are named after the lesser known companion, advisor, and personal chef of the famous Argentinian Guerrilla leader Che Guevara. As Guevara was helping Fidel Castro overthrow the Cuban government in 1959, Fray Bentos travelled with him - documenting the historic events as they unfolded, talking with him about his ideals and dreams,  and keeping his strength up with an assortment of savoury dishes.
Che Guevara was so impressed with Bentos's food, that one day he suggested that Fidel Castro try one of the legendary dishes.
Sadly, this act of faith backfired horribly. When presented with the dish (a beautiful meat and vegetable pie in a golden crust), Castro criticised the pastry. Humiliated and enraged, Bentos tipped the pie into Castro's lap and turned to walk away. He only took two steps however, before Castro drew his pistol and shot Bentos in the back of the head.

That is a tragic, yet little known story behind one of the country's finest Pie makers.

Still - their pies are fab.

I've been back on the Karma train today, and in fact will be riding it all this week. I offered my driving services to my Friend Harriet, who was in need of a lift home from work all this week, as her mum (who usually collects her) is in Turkey. I have also offered to walk their three dogs - known to some of you as "The Best Dogs in The World" - every night as soon as I drop Harriet at home. So tonight was the first night - and I'm knackered!!! I used to walk those dogs regularly up the hill, but as I've been away, I've got really unfit (and fat). I am aching a little as I type this - and also seem to be covered in several bites of some description. Probably midges I expect - well, it wasn't the dogs.
Tired as I am, I will persevere and do the same tomorrow. By the end of the week, I should have shed a few pounds of wobbly stuff, which is no bad thing.

This weekend coming and will be taking the first steps to tackling my garden. When I say garden, I mean the soily (is that a word?) bits around the paved area at the back of my house. In total area, we are only talking a couple of square metres, but as my lack of knowledge of gardening is only exceeded by my lack of knowledge of women, I need all the help I can get. Therefore I have enlisted the help of my ex-girlfriends mother. She will come over on Saturday, walk around my garden saying "that's a weed, that's a flower, that's a weed....weed....flower.....weed....flower........flower..........." etc. etc. (I hope), whilst I makes notes behind her - "kill.....keep....kill.....kill.....keep......kill.....keep.....keep" etc. etc.
In return for her Horticultural knowledge, I am taking my friend to have her feet nibbled by little fish. She has been dying to try it ever since I told her I had it done back in March, so it seemed the perfect way to thank her for her help.
I will also be having the treatment again - I'm not one to miss out on a good thing.

I can't wait to get paid this week. I get to pay off my overdrafts, and be completely debt free. I am also able to budget a decent amount for food each week - £40. This money is not just for food - it covers cleaning products, toiletries etc. but it will allow me to eat properly, better, try a little proper cooking, and even have some money left for a beer of two. So I am finally turning the corner; as of my end of June wages I will be saving more, and will have a bit more cash in my pocket. Temptation is already flirting with me, as I have seen lots of nice things I tell myself I need. I will be strong however.

I also need to save some petrol money for the other road trips I have yet to complete. There are fabulous people in St Austell, Devon to see, and family way up in York that I promised I would visit - and of course, there are a multitude of old school friends, work friends, friend friends, ex-girlfriends (and family), and my own Brother and Sister to see in sunny old Essex.
And if that wasn't enough, I must take a trip to Edinburgh - my Mum's best friends is there, a lady who since I have been about ten years old has sent me money every year for my birthday. Also in the fine city of Edinburgh is a rather spectacular young New Zealand lady that I have not seen in about six or seven years.
And on top of all that, the fabulous Leigh and Jim Bell live not that far away from Edinburgh - and it would be rude of me not to stop by and say hi.

Mind you, I did only see them a fortnight ago - and that was after five years - so they could wait a bit longer.

You see what a busy bee I am? Like several identical copies of the same thief who are all holding up a local convenience store whilst standing in different places - I'm all over the shop!!!


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  1. May I just say Larry that St Austell is in Cornwall! Great blog