Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Blooming, Boxes, Barbecue

 Some of you may be wondering why there are pictures of flowers down one side of my blog today. Others may not be wondering - but may well be saying to yourselves "I knew it; Gay as a Maypole that bloke - he's gone all girlie!"
But why have I put pictures of flowers on my blog?
Why am I asking you?
The truth of the matter is, very simply, that my little garden (well the bits that aren't paving slabs) is pretty much in full bloom, and I just wanted to show you how nice it is looking. What I have been very careful to not show you, is the weeds and dead plants that lie in between the roses and other flowering plants.

But fear not - for this weekend I shall be embarking on my first ever period of green fingeredness. I will be pruning, trimming, weeding, watering - and any other "ing" that is needed to make my garden beautiful.
I might even do a couple of "before" and "after" pictures for you - provided I remember to take my boxer shorts off the washing first.

Photos of my undies are available on request.

I'd almost forgotten that this weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend, so we get an extra day, which is always nice. I'm not sure what the forecast is, but I expect we will get at least one day of good weather. I think this could be the weekend for me to have a test run of my barbecuing facilities. I have a small fire pit in the middle of my garden, which can be used for barbecues. I am having friends over on the 2nd July for the Haye vs Klitschko fight, and will be having a barbecue. So I need to know that everything works.

In truth, I know that the fire pit will work. What I need to make sure of is my barbecuing skills! So I'll by a disposable barbecue, a few burgers and sausages, a bit of salad, some buns/rolls, and a few beers. It may take a while, but I need to test thoroughly the barbecued food. And yes, I am aware that I could be horribly ill as a result. Have no fear, I will keep you updated on my progress here on my blog - with pictures.

So hope I'm not ill!

Whatever your plans for the weekend are, I hope you have nice time. But don't for one minute think that you can turn up at my place on Sunday expecting to get a bit of my barbecue - Larry doesn't share!

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