Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Mind is a French Mountain................Blanc

I'm struggling about what to put for today's post; I've already started this three times, and have changed my mind after a paragraph each time. Actually, I don't know why I'm bothering writing this down, because if I change my mind and scrap this, you'll never know I've written it.

But, now I know that I'll keep it in - because it's mildly amusing. And I always hope to be somewhat humorous in these posts, for fear of losing my audience and just ending up writing post after post, day after day - none of which ever gets read.

Incidentally, I can check on my "Stats" about my blog and did you know, since I started writing this blog on the 16th March 2011, over 400 people have read it. And I've had people as far away as Singapore and Australia check it out! What I don't know is if that 400+ people is individual people, or if it is the same people reading different posts. It would be quite depressing to find that actually it's 7 people reading my posts over, and over, and over again!!!

Actually, it would be quite touching - knowing that I have a loyal group of fans. I used to have a massive following - I was stalked by a Sumo wrestler..

I think I need clarification on the quantity of people reading my posts. Do me a favour - if you read this post, put a comment stating your name, and where in the world you are. In a few days I'll count up and in a future post reveal the results. I'm quite excited about it!!!

Look at this - considering I didn't know what to write about, I've already waffled on for a fair bit already. True, I'm writing about nothing really, there's no actual topic being covered here - it's all rubbish.

And I've just noticed how many.....god my minds gone blank!!..........Hyphens! that's it, how many Hyphens I'm using in my writing. Sorry about the memory loss then - (there's another one) it took a brief glimpse of "Emmerdale" to force my brain to start working to avoid being destroyed by the awfulness of that soap. Yes, Hyphens - (there's one again)I'm using them far too much. They are useful though; they help break up a sentence, or convey a change in direction in a conversation.

To be honest, I don't know how to correctly describe what a Hyphen does, so that last sentence is probably wrong. If you know what the correct description of the use of a Hyphen is, send your answers on a postcard to the following address:

Hyphens - What Do They Do?
C/O The Punctuation Clarification Society
Semi Colon House
Comma Street

Ok, it's time to stop this post, as I'm clearly running out of ideas.

Please do put a comment with your name and where you are, so I can see if it's a few fabulous people reading my posts, or many fabulous people!!!


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