Monday, 25 April 2011

Moses, Frustration, Grip, and Blisters

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: They don't make films like they used to. For all of today's CGI and special effects technology, you still don't get the grandeur you experienced watching the classic "swords and sandal" movies. As I type this, the Cecil B. Demille Biblical epic "The Ten Commandments" is on TV. Good old Charlton Heston as Moses, and Yul Brinner as Rameses II. This film literally had a cast of thousands, and this famous clip shows the scale and the impact that you just don't get in modern films: 

If you haven't ever watched "The Ten Commandments", you really should.
Incidentally, in later years, Moses would often use Gods power for more mundane tasks:

This next bit is especially for you Beezer.......

I am a lifelong Arsenal fan, but I am frustrated at the way we have imploded in terms of the Premiership Title race. The skill that our players posses is obvious for all to see, and I think it is fair to say that supporters of all football teams would agree that Arsenal can play some beautiful football. However, skill and beautiful football is not enough - there has to be passion, commitment, mental strength, and belief also. For me, too often have Arsenal tried to score the perfect goal, or have tried to almost walk the ball into the net. I have watched them play recently and have seen opportunities for a shot from outside the box, or an early cross, but these have not been taken. Instead more intricate passing has been the preferred option.
I have heard that some fans are calling for Arsene Wenger to be sacked, but I don't think he should. He has been a fantastic manager for Arsenal, and although we have not won anything for six years, we have been consistent in terms of our final finishing in the Premiership table (within the top 4 for the past 14 seasons I believe), and have consistently qualified for the Champions League. He has done wonders without spending as much money as other Premiership Managers. I do however believe that he should spend some money and get some new players in. We need to win Silverware - that is the only way success is measured. I'm not an expert on football, and these comments are purely my opinion, but it is so frustrating watching Arsenal throw games away.

I've always been told that it's better to have a firm handshake rather than a weak one, and that you can tell a lot about a man by the firmness of his handshake. Following on from this, I also believe that when two men who both have firm handshakes meet, there is a bit of competition while the handshaking takes place. Each man gauges the firmness of the other mans grip, and increases his grip accordingly. In polite society this competition only lasts a few moments, until the grip is released. However there have been cases known where two men who each refuse to back down have remained locked in an ever increasingly tightly gripped handshake for days, each grimacing at the other in pain and determination. The only way to break this vice like handshake is to amputate each mans hand. The occurences are rare and subsequently never publicised, but they do occur.

I took a walk earlier today to break in the walking boots I will be taking to Scotland. I did about four miles in total, and at the end of it, my boots were starting to rub. As I got home I saw my neighbour and she asked where I had been so I told her about breaking the boots in and the fact that they were rubbing. She said that there was something you could soak your feet in to help prevent getting blisters, but couldn't remember what it was. I was sure that you soaked your feet in Vinegar, and them roasted them for two hours to toughen them.

Or is that conkers?

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