Saturday, 23 April 2011

Man's Best Friend Makes Tea

My toaster hates me, I'm convinced of it.

When I clean my kitchen, I take my toaster outside into the garden and shake all the crumbs out of it. Once cleared, it gets returned to the pristine kitchen work surface (which is cleaned once all appliances etc. have been removed). I don't rush this job, because I know that one or two shakes is not enough to get all the crumbs out. Lately it has been taking gradually longer and longer for me to clear the crumbs out, as I get more and more determined to get every last crumb. In fact, I don't imagine that it will be too long before I start using a brush to root out the stubborn bits.
So why is it that in spite of my careful cleaning of the kitchen side, and the meticulous attention to detail when de-crumbing the toaster, there's always one crumb that appears on the kitchen side when I put the toaster back?
It really does wind me up. It's almost like the toaster waits until I put it back in the kitchen, and then spits out one crumb and waits for me to see it. I don't know why it does it - maybe it's feeling neglected because I generally use my bread to make sandwiches rather than toast.

That's the trouble with toasters - very emotional. Not like the kettle, who is always only too happy to help. Even if you have been out all day, and haven't used it in hours, it starts without any fuss whatsoever.. Its a bit like a dog, a kettle - always pleased to see you.

I was hoping to go out tonight with some friends, but they have taken a rain check. I could still go, but I haven't really got the money. The problem is that I'm so bored staying in all the time - this is all part of the hard time I'm having financially, before it all gets much better in June.
Anyway, I've got to stay in now as I have not long ago  put on some jacket potatoes for tea. The good news is that I'm been invited to another barbecue tomorrow, so that will even the bored/entertained stakes out . But what to do tonight? Well I shall do a bit more of my sign language course - revision most likely as it has been a while since I did any (not including last night of course), and may have to play some Call of Duty on the Wii. I'll see what films are on later, just in case something grabs my eye.

For some reason I have felt very lonely today. Its just a phase, and I will be back to my normal self tomorrow - but today I have definitely missed the company of others. But then again, the difficulties I am experiencing at the moment are just part of the process of change which is leading ultimately towards a better life for myself..

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  1. When I read this I was convinced it was going to be about you training a dog to make tea! I know what you mean though - my toaster makes me very sad indeed. Marianne x