Thursday, 21 April 2011

Robbers, Self-Induced Heart Attacks, and No Chocolate?????

It's the Bank Holiday weekend at last! Things have been really busy at work lately, and I'm really looking forward to the extra days off.
Not that I can do anything, or go anywhere - I'm out of cash, and don't even have enough to put petrol in my car. So, it will be walking, and sitting in the park or my garden. If the weather stays like it is, it will be a fine weekend.
Regular followers of my blog will know that money for me is tight at the moment, and in fact will be until I get paid at the end of May. I'm watching every penny, and have had to cut back and make do just to keep things under control. So you can imagine how pleased I was when I got a letter the other day from Admiral insurance telling me that I owed them £52.43.

That's right - I wasn't pleased at all.

I used to be with Admiral for my car Insurance - 3rd party. In March I had to replace the windscreen in my car, and being 3rd party this proved to be rather expensive. Afterwards I decided to change to fully comprehensive cover, and contacted Admiral to see what they would want. What they wanted, was double what my 3rd party cover was costing me, so I declined and looked elsewhere. I soon found another insurer that would give me fully comprehensive cover for just £4 more a month than my 3rd party cover. So when my renewal pack came through from Admiral, I rang them and told them that I wasn't going to renew as I'd found cheaper insurance elsewhere. That was that, and I considered the matter closed.

And now this letter arrives, telling me I owe Admiral money for "Cancelling my policy". I started planning for how I was going to pay this money - but inside I didn't feel that it was right. So today I rang Admiral and queried it with them.
And do you know what? Without a murmur or a conversation, they cancelled the money due. All they said was that the letter had been sent out in error. And to think that I was prepared to pay that money to them! How many people get letters like that "in error", and still pay it?

Take my advice - if you have any doubts, question every letter you get that tells you that you owe somebody money.

Admiral? Pirates more like!

It has been glorious weather lately, and gloriously hot too. The last few days I've coming home sweating like a good 'un, and have had a shower to wash the day off me. Now normally, I wait for the water to heat up - but yesterday, I had one of my "bright ideas". I decided that I was so hot that I would get under the shower without waiting for the water to warm up. Just as I turned the water on, I recalled tales of how sudden shocks to the system can cause a heart attack, and then stood there hyperventilating as the ice cold water ran down my body. For a few moments, I waited for the feeling of my chest being crushed in a vice as my heart gave out due to the shock, but fortunately it never came. After what seemed like 10 minutes, the water warmed up, and I enjoyed the rest of my shower.
To be honest, I quite enjoyed the cold shower. It was invigorating, and certainly got the blood pumping!

Whether I'll shower this way all the time, is another matter.

I hope you all enjoy this Easter Weekend - for the first time in my life, I have no Easter eggs to eat due to my financial situation. No matter, I'll get one half price in a week or so after I get paid.

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