Friday, 29 April 2011

It's All About You!

I've just spent an interesting couple of hours in the company of a spectacularly fabulous young lady. Before you all start putting two and two together (and getting five), it wasn't like that. She's not that interesting.

But she is funny and clever, and a joy to be around. I offered to pick her up from work, as I was just sat at home bored with the Royal Wedding. The wedding itself was great to see, but the whole televised event dragged on a bit for me. So, I sent my friend a text offering my taxi services - and sure enough she accepted. I knew she would, the alternative was to get her mother to come pick her up, but she was at a party celebrating the Royal Wedding.

I duly arrived at my friends workplace at 5:15pm, knowing that she wouldn't be finished until 5:30pm. I learnt very quickly not to be late in picking her ladyship up, because when she starts complaining she really complains. So there I was, sat in my car choosing a new CD to play on the journey home when bugger me sideways with a rusty old egg whisk, madam comes strolling out of work ready to leave! And it was only 5:20pm!

I looked at her through the windscreen with a surprised look on my face (here is an example of my surprised look). She looked back at me, and gave me a weird smile - which immediately aroused my suspicions. Something was up.........
She got in the car with her customary greeting - "Lazzer-Bean!!". I asked her if she was alright, and she said yes. I told her that she looked like she had something to tell me. Without looking at me, she said "I've been sacked."

It was then that I realised what was different about her. She hadn't been sacked - she'd been drinking! It quickly transpired that she and her boss had drunk two bottles of wine to "celebrate" the Royal Wedding. By the looks of her, my friend had done most of the celebrating - he eyes were rolling in her head, and she was slurring her words terribly.

I drove her home, and came in to have cup of coffee. Fortunately for me, my friend just happens to live with the best dogs in the world. For those of you who are not familiar with the BDITW, here they are:
These fabulous dogs are Herbie & Joey, and the lovely Megan - and to me they are the best dogs in the world. So I got to catch up with these guys, and have a good old chinwag with my friend. It was all good.

It was also fairly random. You see, you never know quite what you are going to get when he start a conversation. For example, topics in today's conversation included the following:
  • A 'hot' black boy with a six pack. (my apologies if I have used a non politically correct term here - I'm confused as to what is correct and what isn't!)
  • Why Bournemouth is the new "Oak"
  • Why it is better to have a home, than £10,000 in your pocket.
  • How "Banana" is the word most commonly used by my friend in conversation these days.
As you can see, it really is a mixed bag.

All too soon I'm afraid, the time came for me to go home. I was going to wait to say hi to my friends mother, who was due back shortly to feed BDITW - but I was feeling a wee bit nervous at seeing her after so long, as I still love her. So I made my excuses, and left.

On the way home, I felt happy for spending such quality time with my friend, and sad that she, and her brother, and their mum, and BDITW are no longer a major part of my life.

I don't get to see my friend very often, and out of those three previously mentioned people it is only her that keeps in regular touch - which is ironic, because we didn't really get along very well when she was a big part of my life.

In terms of the time we now spend together, it's definitely quality over quantity.

Love you, you goon!! xxx

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