Wednesday, 13 April 2011

In Case You Are Interested, I Usually Write My Post and Then Choose a Title For it. Not This Time.

A few moments ago, I was half way through writing this post. But I was writing about my current financial situation, and it was getting a bit boring. I'm conscious of the fact that many people are giving me a bit of their time when they read this blog, and so feel that I should try to make them as enjoyable and interesting to read as I can. That being said, I also know that if I just start making stuff up, people could be equally turned off what I write.

Funnily enough, that's almost exactly what former U.S President Bill Clinton said to me at lunchtime when I bumped into him outside the Co-Op. He's just moved into the area and is a sucker for the Co-Ops freshly baked crusty rolls. Got to love those rolls Bill, got to love those rolls....

So, with the words Bill Clinton mumbled to me with a mouthful of crusty roll ringing in my ears, I decided to re-write this post. And this is as far as I have got before starting to run out of ideas. I find it very difficult to think about what to write. Many a night I have sat here with my laptop on my legs, and nothing typed on the screen. What I should do is carry a small notebook or secretary around with me so that I can record ideas as they come to me. Recently I appear to have been getting a lot if inspiration in the morning - well, if I had a secretary with me at that time, I know I would.

Does the fact that I seem to get my random and bizarre ideas in the morning make me a Morning person? Morning people by definition are "better" in the mornings - they are raring to go, full of the joys of Spring etc. as opposed to Evening people, who seem to perk up later in the day. The trouble is, I'm not perky and full of beans in the morning generally. Today in fact I started my day in a neutral mode (or "Park" if you are an automatic), and then it quickly descended into a bad mode when I manage to knock a pallet over and had to re-stack it. And at no time did any good ideas for today's post come into view.
Happily, my mood improved. My day didn't make any great leaps towards being classed as "good", but it was okay.

I don't know if I am a morning or afternoon/evening person. I think I'm at the same level fairly constantly. Yes, I have bad days - when I get in a bad mood, I'm terrible. I'm ashamed to say that I still have a tendency to sulk, and I do take my bad mood out on others by the way I talk to them. My bad days are not very common, and I would hope that in general I am in a good mood.

I need to get on and complete this post. There's football on the telly (Spurs Vs Real Madrid), and I need chocolate. Again. To be honest, I haven't had any chocolate since..well, lunchtime when I had a bag of Mini eggs. But apart from that, it's been a good few days.
Actually, I don't know if it has. I have a sneaky feeling that I have had chocolate this week - but I can't really remember. That is a bit worrying really, as it either means that I'm blacking out every time I eat chocolate, or it means that subconsciously, I'm feeling guilty about the volume of chocolate I get through.
I can't see why I would be feeling guilty about eating chocolate, after all, It's not like I do it everyday.

Mind you, if I'm blacking out when I do eat chocolate, I'd never know.

Technically, I shouldn't buy any chocolate anyway. April is a tight month for me financially, and I've got to watch the pennies between now and payday - which is still 16 days away. I'm having to re-visit my seriously in debt days in terms of meals - pasta, jacket potatoes, beans - cheap food, very little variation in meal types. It isn't the most appealing thought, but I have to get through it. Part of the reason I have no money is that I'm saving for a long overdue return to the Highlands of Scotland next month with my best friend (should that be in capitals?) which I am really looking forward to. And then, from my May payday onwards, I will be able to put a little money away, and have more money for enjoying myself.
So, I'm on the brink of better financial stability, which is one of a few areas of my life which I am improving now that I have reached forty years. Once the money situation is improved, I will be continuing my personal development, returning to some previous enjoyable activities (stand up comedy, and story writing), and during all this be ever hopeful that romance may pay me a visit.

I'm going to be busy, aren't I?

And yes, at half time in the football this evening, I will be nipping out to get chocolate.

That was going to be my final word on this post, but I have just read through it, and realised that it does not flow very well, and I do jump from subject to subject. I know it doesn't read very well - but I'm writing it as I think it. I could almost use bullet points for each topic, and it wouldn't vary the readability of it too much. Maybe this is a by-product of the lack of planning. Maybe you all expect too much.
I will try to imrpove the quality of my posts. If anyone knows of a secretary who can help me find some inspiration, please get in touch.


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